Hai guys. Here I am with an update on the Review Centre.

I'm fairly sure you lot are a creative bunch, but quite recently I've not seen that many reviews posted by people outside of the Review Team. Not quite sure why.

So, to try and spur you on a bit, the Moderation's being turned off. So now you can review whatever you like, and you don't have to wait for a Mod to go and approve the topic.

The same rules apply as last time, so if there's a game that's already been reviewed but you want to give it a crack, then feel free - just make sure it's in a seperate topic. I'm all for differing opinions, so go wild!

If you want to do video reviews as well, that's cool. Create a topic as you would a text review, and obviously add the link in. If the vid's on YouTube, we'll Favourite it on our account as well

Hopefully this'll spur some of you on Happy Reviewing!