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    Host of Saturday Night SEGA Gavvie's Avatar
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    Dec 2007

    Default July 2011: NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Wii)

    There's quite a few games, in my opinion, that have always warranted a sequel, but never got one. Chief amongst them was NiGHTS into Dreams..., a delightful Saturn gem that was featured as our very first Game of the Month four whole years ago (Link).

    The original game was a fantastic slice of fun, and whilst I always wanted more of it, it was one of those games that looked destined to remain as a one-off. 11 years after the Saturn original, in Japan at least, wishes were granted, and NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams was released.

    Only it never really felt like a sequel. There were a handful of differences between the Saturn and Wii titles, but the storyline was almost entirely the same, only enhanced and lengthened, as you naturally would in this day and age of gaming. You still controlled NiGHTS, flying through levels collecting enough blue chips to destroy capsules containing Ideya. Find them all, beat a boss etc etc.

    There were a few differences in the gameplay, too. Certain levels transformed NiGHTS into a different form, such as a boat, but these took away from the original experience. It's also worth noting that the voice acting was generally awful, and some of the control schemes were more than a little confusing.

    Audiowise, Journey of Dreams was as good as the original, with some songs actually being better than their Saturn counterparts, Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow a particular highlight. As with the general storyline, however, the repetition in musical themes is noted, and also helps to reinforce the general feeling that JoD was more an enhanced remake than a sequel.

    Still, if NiGHTS was a favourite of yours, and you'd been begging for a sequel, Journey of Dreams delivered in the areas it should, but did needlessly add bits that weren't really needed. Being too similar to the original game didn't help either, and as such it got left behind on its release.

    There are better games on the Wii, and SEGA / Sonic Team have developed better games as well. But this month, NiGHTS turns 15, and seeing as we've already featured the original game, it was fitting that we should celebrate the second game in the series (not counting Christmas NiGHTS).

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    ┬──┬ ノ( ゜-゜ノ) Gonic's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    West Yorkshire, Leeds


    The game was unplayable due to awful controls.

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    Moé Reknoc's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nottingham, England


    You were right, I would never have guessed it was this game. I forgot it actually existed.

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    Member Page's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    South Coast UK


    Such a shame, this could have been pretty good but the controls killed it stone dead. As this is NiGHTS 15th birthday, Sega seem to be hinting at a re release of the original. If they do, I think the 3DS would be a perfect platform for it

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    Mar 2007
    United Kingdom>Cornwall


    Quote Originally Posted by Reknoc View Post
    You were right, I would never have guessed it was this game. I forgot it actually existed.
    I never finished it.

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    Retired RS Media Staff Retrix's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Glasgow, Scotland


    I have played Journey of Dreams. I haven't played the original but have heard about it a lot, ever since reading the demands for a new NiGHTS in Official Dreamcast Magazine (including in an interview with Yuji Naka where he mentions the cancelled Air NiGHTS).

    What do I think about JoD?
    I liked the main stages (but not so much the platforming ones or those involving using NiGHTS as a dinghy or roller coaster). Also the music and scenery. And the fact it was NiGHTS, something I had wanted to experience for a long time.

    What didn't I like? The 'other' stages mentioned above. The hub, the Owl, the Dream Drops (I can never be bothered with collecting). 'My Dream' with the Nightopians is a waste of time (it's no Chao garden); it surprises me they even bothered with the online linking functionality. (The Pians may have been in the original, but it feels like that's the only reason they were in JoD and it wasn't necessary.)

    It's also a very short game. Overall, I was disappointed, but the bits I did enjoy made me feel there was a lot of potential, and made me want to experience NiGHTS into Dreams… even more, so that I might fully appreciate the following that it has.

    Even so I feel I am quite a supporter for a character whose main game I have never played.
    I smile every time I see a NiGHTS cameo — a lesser known one is that, in a homage to the date recognition in Christmas NiGHTS, Lumina in Sonic Shuffle is replaced by NiGHTS every 24 December (though there is quite a similarity anyway!).
    And whatever you think about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for iOS, the one most tragic cutback from the console versions is the exclusion of the flagman!

    Just as well NiGHTS is on the RadioSEGA t-shirt!

    Happy birthday NiGHTS!
    There was an echidna from Vegas
    Whose hairstyle was totally outrageous
    When asked by the cops
    Why the dreadlocks
    He told them the idea was Sega's

    ​— The Typing of the Dead

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    ぴ~ちぴちよ! BluePuyo's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
    RadioSEGA Zone Act 13


    I have yet to play JoD. I hope when that day comes, bring me the same feeling like the first.

    ... I´m having my doubts, since this one is so much less acclaimed.

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