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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Sonic Rush (DS)

    The start of a new handheld system, the Nintendo DS. What the DS needed was a new Sonic game for the system! This is Sonic Rush, featuring a new female character! Who is she? Let's find out!

    Game: Sonic Rush / Sonikku Rasshu
    System: Nintendo DS
    Release Dates: 11/15/05 (NA), 11/18/05 (EU), 11/23/05 (JP)
    Developers: Sonic Team and Dimps

    The Cat from Another Dimension
    Story: Blaze the Cat is after Dr. Eggman for stealing the seven Sol Emeralds. She then meets up with Sonic (who is looking for the Chaos Emeralds.) Blaze runs off and meets Cream the Rabbit and the two try to get the Sol Emeralds back. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails discover that somehow Blaze's world is merging with Sonic's world. So now Sonic wants to track down Blaze and find out what her damage is.

    Is it 2D? Is it 3D?
    Gameplay: The game's format is in 2.5D. The background is 2D while the character models are 3D. The main feature of the game is boosting. By holding down the Y button, Blaze or Sonic can boost quickly. You can earn boost stuff by defeating an enemy. Jumping is the B or A button.
    Levels are very fast pased and unique in every level. The enviorments are beautiful.
    Hey DJ! Gimme a Phat Beat!
    Music: The music here is very club-like. The beats are crazy and sounds like something a DJ would play at a party. The "singing" in it makes me think of the chao singing it.
    The music is composed by Hideki Naganuma, the same guy who composed the Dreamcast classic, Jet Set Radio.

    Presented in 2.5D!
    Graphics: As I said in the gameplay section, the backgrounds are in 2D while the character models are in 3D. The models do look very nice for an early DS title. Well done.

    You Wanna Rush Through This?
    Overall: Sonic Rush is a pretty solid game. The levels are fun and fast paced. Graphics are nice and the music is superb. It's a pretty true statement that handheld Sonic games can be pretty fun! Give this one a try.

    Score: 4/5

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    Mo Reknoc's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nottingham, England


    I give the game 10 Hold Right to Wins out of 10

    edit: actually thinking about it the terrible forced combat sections and overly long bosses if you don't adjust the difficulty would make me lower it to only 7 Hold Right to Wins

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    YEAOH. TheChaosBlue's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reknoc View Post
    I give the game 10 Hold Right to Wins out of 10
    Reminds me of how X-Play (most of you won't know what that is I figure) would rate certain games as "_ (random thing) out of 5".

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