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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Sonic Colors (Wii)

    SEGA was stepping in the right direction with daytime stages in Sonic Unleased. Fans wanted more of that. And that's just what we got!

    Game: Sonic Colors / Sonic Colours
    Systems: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS
    Release Dates: 11/11/10 (AUS), 11/12/10 (EU), 11/16/10 (NA), 11/18/10 (JP)
    Developers: Sonic Team (Wii), Dimps (DS)

    A Little on the Lighter and Simplier Side
    Story: The story is actually simple and easy to follow. And more lighthearted.
    Sonic and Tails discover that Eggman has built an intergalactic amusment park and promises that he is not going to do anything evil. Well that turned out to be a bunch of BS, because Eggman was using some alien powers to fuel his plan of taking over the world. As well as Sonic discovers that the aliens can fuse with him and he can use their powers. So now it's up to him to save the day.

    Easy and Breezy
    Gameplay: The gameplay represents some aspects from the day time stages in Unleashed. With running around at top speed in 3D sections while doing some platforming in a 2.5D perspective. What's new is the alien's powers. While running through a level, you might come across a capsule with a strange creature in it (they're called Wisps by the way.) These Wisps have their own power. They can be used to get past a certain obstacle or to a secret area.
    Another thing that is new is that Sonic can double jump. You heard me right. The double jump can be useful at times, but it's kind of stiff so be careful.
    If you ever get bored of playing through the story, you can always play the Sonic Simulator. The Sonic Simulator is extra levels you can play with a robot Sonic (donít ask) or your Mii characters. The only way to unlock levels is to find red coins in the main stages of the game. The levels in the Sonic Simulator may feel familiar, because some are based off of old stages in the 16-bit days.

    The Colors Feel So Right
    Graphics: For a Wii title, the graphics are really nice. None of the models look messed up, itís nice and colorful (haha). It all works out nicely.

    The Most Catchiest Soundtrack Iíve Ever Heard
    Music: I LOVE THIS GAMEíS SOUNDTRACK! It is so catchy, uplifting, techno-y, dancy, you name it, itís here folks. There is no depressing track anywhere, just pure upbeat music that makes you wanna dance with some friends. I highly recommend the track ďAquarium Park - Act 2Ē
    Music is composed by Kenichi Tokoi, Tomoya Ohtani, Fumie Kumatani, Mariko Nanba, Naofumi Hataya, and Hideaki Kobayashi.

    Are You Colorful?
    Overall: Sonic Colors is an excellent game. A funny and lighthearted story, great gameplay, an amazing soundtrack. I adore this game. Itís one of the best Sonic game weíve seen in years. Or as of 2010 that is.

    Score: 5/5

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    Ericeira, Portugal


    The only problem I had with Sonic Colours was with the 2.5D platforming bits. Sonic fell too slippery when I just wanted to jump from a platform to another and it sometimes caused cheap deaths.

    The game, however, is one of my favourites modern Sonic titles. And that specific issue is being addressed in Sonic Lost World, apparently, by slowing Sonic down and making you have to press a button to run.

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