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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Genesis)

    Sonic is back with a sequel and a new friend - a two-tailed fox named Tails to join the fight against Dr. Robotnik!

    Game:Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    Systems: Genesis, Wii Virtual Console, Xbox Live Arcade, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, 3DS Virtual Console
    Release Dates:Genesis: 11/21/92 (JP), 11/24/92 (EU/NA)
    Wii VC: 6/11/07 (NA), 6/19/07 (EU), 7/6/07 (JP)
    Xbox LA: 9/12/07 (WW)
    iOS: 4/20/10 (WW, Version 1), 12/12/13 (WW, Version 2)
    Android: 12/12/13 (WW)
    Windows Phone: 12/18/13 (WW)
    3DS VC: September 2015
    Developers: Sonic Team / Sega Technical Institute

    He’s Back Once More!
    Story:Dr. Robotnik is back once more to trap animals into robots again. Sonic is after him to stop him, but now has a friend alongside him named Miles “Tails” Prower, a two-tailed fox who can fly with his tails.

    2 Fast 2 Speedy
    Gameplay:The gameplay is almost rather similar to the first game, but with some obvious changes. Such as having Tails by your side, so now you can actually play multiplayer in the game, which involves you racing to the end of the level. Another change to the game (which later becomes a signature to the series) is a spin dash. By pressing down and pressing the jump button repeatedly, Sonic and Tails can roll in place and gain speed. This is really useful, especially if you need to get back up on a curved edge. This also helps regain speed if you get hit and lose your speed.
    Level wise, they’re even better and more lush and beautiful.

    Colorful as Ever!
    Graphics: The game looks rather the same as the previous game. But they still look really good. The backgrounds are beautiful and very nice to look at, and the sprites are still amazing.

    Hum Along Everyone
    Music: What’s a Sonic game without a good soundtrack? This soundtrack is another well-done one, with memorable tunes such as Chemical Zone. Another great soundtrack to the library.
    Music is composed by Masato Nakamura.

    Can It Top the First?
    Overall:To answer the headline, yes. Yes it can. This is a lot better than the first game, especially with the spin dash added it. It made life more easier. And more fun and speedy too.

    4 / 5

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    There Can Be Only 1 Sonic Alpha Dog 1996's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Little Planet


    I want to get this game so bad. I am playing the fan made game Sonic Before the Sequel which supposedly takes place between Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. I heard a lot of good reviews of the game from friends!

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