This is it - the final Ratchet & Clank game for PS3. And as well as the Future series too! Will all the loose ends be tied? Or will they be open for another day?

Game:Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Systems: PlayStation 3
Release Dates: 11/6/13 (AUS), 11/12/13 (NA), 11/22/13 (EU), 12/12/13 (JP)
Developers: Insomniac Games

She Awakens...
Story:Ratchet and Clank who are aboard on the Nebulox Seven Prison Ship to deliver a prisoner named Vendra Prox. When they deliver her to Cronk and Zephyr, they release her from her cryosleep to put her in her cell, but that malfunctioned and now she's free! And her brother, Neftin picks her up and off they go to cause trouble among the galaxy. Can Ratchet and Clank stop the troublesome siblings?

Just Like The Good Old Days
Gameplay:After a couple of years, the gameplay is back to its original self. The game plays out like the Future series, but with an emphasis on gravity. The crazy weapons are back too. Such as a weapon that turns enemies into snowmen to the tune of a kidsí choir singing ďJingle BellsĒ, a jack-in-the-box type weapon that scares enemies, and Mr. Zurkon making a return with his family. How cute.
Going back to the gravity thing. Ratchet gets a gadget that allows him to float from platform to platform across big gaps. There are these little purple markers that tell you where you can aim the gravity weapon. Connect the two together and off you go to float in them to the platform.
Besides that, the gameplay is rather similar to the previous games. There are arena battles to do, collectibles to grab in big areas, weapons to buy, all that classic Ratchet and Clank stuff. One thing though, is that the game is pretty short. Which is just a darn shame.

The Best Looking Game Yet!
Graphics:This game looks very good! From Ratchetís fur, to Clankís shiney coat, to just everything in this game. Vendra looks amazing and I adore the spooky purple scheme in this game. It makes it stand out from the previous games. This game is just phenomenal to look at. I cannot stress how much I love how it looks, with the whole ghostly theme going on in the game.

Still As Epic As Ever
Music: The music is still as good too. The theme song is pretty awesome and over the top epic. In the dark environments, the music can be quite spooky and haunting. All in all, itís pretty good.
Music is composed by Michael Bross.

Do You Dare Go Into the Nether Region?
Overall:Into the Nexus is a pretty great last hurrah for the Ratchet & Clank series on PS3. The gameplay is pretty good, the graphics are outstanding and it all feels right. The game is still pretty short and story isnít too special, though it is pretty heartwarming. All in all, another great edition to the series.

4 / 5