Hey a sequel to a pretty good GBA game! But is it worth the time and effort?

Game:Spyro 2: Season of Flame
Systems: Game Boy Advance
Release Dates: 9/25/02 (NA), 10/3/02 (EU)
Developers: Digital Eclipse

Save The Fireflies!
Story:After Season of Ice, Spyro returns home, only to find that the rhynocs have stolen all the fireflies. And without the fireflies, the dragons canít use their magic! So now it is up to Spyro, Bianca from Year of the Dragon, Sparx and Hunter to save the fireflies and get the magic back.

Same Old, Same Old
Gameplay:The game is almost rather similar to the previous GBA Spyro title. Players get to play as Spyro in an isometric view while running around a hub where you can go to portals to other levels. The goal this time is to collect all of the fireflies scattered about the place. At the beginning of the game, Spyro starts out with ice breath, since all of the magic in the world is gone. He can use his ice breath to freeze the fireflies and collect them. Spyro can still do all the same stuff he could do before, such as glide and charge.
There are also some additional characters to play as. They all come from Year of the Dragon such as Sheila, Agent 9, etc. They each have their own gameplay style.
Overall, the game is similar to the last game.

More or Less the Same Too
Graphics:Honestly, the game looks almost the same as the last game. I mean, it does look a tad bit better. The game goes for a more orange aesthetic (since it is named Season of Flame). But other than that, it looks almost the same.

Blurred into the Background
Music:Also, the music is pretty bland. Itís not bad, but not very memorable. It just fades into the background as just background noise. None of it really stands out.
Music is composed by Robert Baff and Ed Cosico.

Is It Worth the Find?
Overall:Season of Flame is an alright game. Itís almost the same as the first game. It can be pretty boring too. Honestly, you can skip this game if you want. You wonít miss out on much.

3 / 5