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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - Sonic Advance (GBA)

    Itís Sonicís first outing on a Nintendo handheld! But will it end up being good?

    Game:Sonic Advance
    Systems: Game Boy Advance, Nokia N-Gage, Wii U Virtual Console, Android
    Release Dates:GBA: 12/20/01 (JP), 2/3/02 (NA), 3/8/02 (EU)
    N-Gage: 10/7/03 (International)
    Wii U VC: 2/18/15 (JP)
    Android: 11/25/11 (JP)
    Developers: Dimps / Sonic Team

    Dr. Eggman is At it Again!
    Story:So as per usual, Eggman is after the Chaos Emeralds once again, and itís up to Sonic and friends to stop it.

    Modern and Old-School Combined
    Gameplay:For being a GBA game, the game is in 2D. The game is also very reminiscent of the older Sonic games.
    At the start of the game, you can choose up to 4 characters, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. They each have their own gameplay styles. Sonicís levels can go pretty dang fast, as usual. Tails can fly and can go a little bit fast. Knuckles can glide and climb up on walls. Amy can use her hammer to attacks.
    There are a grand total of 6 zones, 2 acts per zone. Each of the zones have a different theme. The first one being beach themed, thereís one with a casino, ice zone, etc.
    Besides the main game, there is another game called the Tiny Chao Garden. This is where you can take care of a little chao. Tiny Chao Garden is a lot like the Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure. You can give the chao fruit, play 3 mini-games and more. This can be fun, but it can be kind of boring to some. If you have a GameCube, you can transfer data to either Sonic Adventure or Sonic Adventure 2.

    A Fresh New Look
    Graphics:Honestly, this game is one of the nicest, most colorful games on the Game Boy Advance. The sprites look so detailed and wonderful. They all pop out and stand out from a lot of GBA games.

    New Chiptune Classics
    Music:This soundtrack is wonderfully good. Itís a very good. From the beach theme, spy themes and ice themes. Theyíre all catchy and perfect.
    Music is composed by Tatsuyuki Maeda and Yutaka Minobe.

    Is Sonic Back on His Feet?
    Overall:Sonic Advance is a great game. It feels like a great throwback to the good Genesis / Mega Drive games. The soundtrack is great and the graphics are gorgeous. Add this game to your GBA library, itís great.

    4 / 5

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    There Can Be Only 1 Sonic Alpha Dog 1996's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    Little Planet


    Sonic Advance is a really good game!
    There can be only one Sonic! Metal Sonic is the real Sonic! Long live Metal Sonic!
    Metal Sonic is the best! Death to all who oppose Metal Sonic! Metal Sonic rocks!

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