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    Default Chickaroo Reviews - Parasite Eve (PS1)

    A strange combo we got here - an RPG mixed with survival horror. And all by the developers behind the famous Final Fantasy. How will this strange combo of a game come out?

    Game:Parasite Eve
    Systems: PlayStation 1, PlayStation Network
    Release Dates:PS1: 3/29/98 (JP), 9/9/98 (NA)
    PSN: 11/4/10 (JP), 3/15/11 (NA)
    Developers: Square Enix

    The True Nightmare Before Christmas
    Story:Itís Christmas Eve in 1997 in Manhattan, and our heroine Aya Brea, an NYPD cop, is out on a date with some loser guy to an opera performance. During the performance, a woman starts singing and glares at Aya, making people in the performance and in the audience start to suddenly spontaneously combust into flames - except for Aya. The woman then transform into a grotesque creature named Eve. Aya then tries to go after here and stop Eve. Eve then tells Aya that she will destroy the human race with her mitochondria.
    The next day, Aya head back to the NYPD and gets some equipment and makes it her mission to stop Eve from taking over the world.

    Parasite Evil / Resident Eve
    Gameplay:The gameplay has been described as mix of survival horror with RPG elements.
    You play as Aya as you walk around places beating up random encounter monsters. Now, rather than picking an attack and waiting for something to happen, you get to actually move around a bit. You run around and try to avoid enemy attacks while waiting for a meter to fill up to either attack with your weapon or use your Parasite Energy to unleash a powerful attack or heal yourself. You can also use items in battle as well when the meter is filled. Granted, some battles can be very tricky, as some of the space you have to move around in can sometimes be limited. Some enemies can be tough, but honestly, if you just grind a bit, you can get far in the game.
    There are plenty of places to go around the game. Some areas are more open-ended while some places are just there for parts in the story.
    All in all, the game is considered short, ranging around 10 hours I believe.

    Oh The Polygons Show
    Graphics:For PlayStation, the game looks pretty good. The models for the characters can be a tad bit buggy, but eh, this was the era for sort of blocky models. But the backgrounds are great! I love pre-rendered backgrounds and objects sometimes, they just look so cool. It all looks pretty good.

    Too Soft and Too Much Opera
    Music:Honestly, Iím not too fond of this soundtrack. Some tracks are good, but they can get tiresome. The battle music is alright, albeit a bit basic. And the focus on this one opera track can get old.
    Also to note, there is little to no voice acting. Voice acting in big long RPGs was not used in this era either. So get ready to read a lot in silence too.
    Music is composed by Yoko Shimomura.

    Will You Help Fight the Big Scary Mitochondria?
    Overall:Parasite Eve is a pretty good game. Some of it though can be bothersome such as the fights in tight spaces and Ayasí speed can be pretty slow. But as an old-school RPG mixed with survival-horror, this game is a relic of the late 90ís.

    4 / 5

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    I absolutely adore this game, it freaked me out seeing it as a kid, but going back to it was one of the best gaming decisions I've made. I do have to disagree with you about the music though, its one of the things that dragged me in.

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