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    Default Why was one of your live shows playing non-Sega music?!

    One of your recent live shows was playing non-Sega BGM from games such as Resident Evil 4 & Sengoku Basara! My question is:WHY? I thought this website was called "Radio SEGA" not Radio Capcom or Radio Video Games! I mean what's the point of playing non-Sega BGM unless developers like Capcom directly or indirectly had to do with Sega it just doesn't make sense that would be like if my local radio station KKBN 93.5 (which plays country music) played a pop or rap song which would just feel out-of-place on a COUNTRY radio station! Or if there was a sex scene or murder on a kids show (which would also be out-of-place) I mean I understand some of the Nintendo stuff like Mario & Sonic because that series was co-developed by Sega so it makes perfect sense to have that on here but I hope this was a one-time thing & we don't start seeing over-rated top-40 pop on here I come to RS because I like Sega BGM if I wanted to listen to top-40 pop I can find many other places to do so! I am NOT criticizing your radio I'm just wondering what purpose there could possibly be to playing non-Sega BGM? Thanks in advance!

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    Lights Camera Action! Ace_Croft's Avatar
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    Never listen to RSN Live then.
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    Feel the burn of non-SEGA music, muwhahahahaha! (You wish SEGA would be this awesome)
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    Haha. Twinny's Avatar
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    Yeah, two current shows (or three should you count Chaos Control Center) tend to play either general gaming or non-gaming music sometimes or all the time.
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    Hi, host of said show here. First off, did you really just compare us having THE SHEER AUDACITY to share music from other stuff we like to a sudden sex scene in a kids show? Like, really brah?

    Anyways, in the usual two host format, it stays to its own four song block at the end, with the RE4 music staying as talkbed music for Stevie's horror segment. With three hosts, we try to consolidate it down to two each block. Everything stays Sega related for the most part. We do it mainly to share other interests we have, much like how our weekly streams are also not always Sega related, and to freshen shit up a bit. Our regular listeners seem to dig it, we've gotten the boss man's approval, and until he pulls us aside and says 'nah, no more', sorry, it's not changing either.

    Seriously, though, that hyperbole... I needed a good laugh yo, thank you.

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    Dec 2014
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    Whilst non-SEGA is not the norm on live shows, things are flexible. There are shows about randomness in general, even if they don't really serve the main purpose. There are also shows that play non-SEGA music when the situation appears to be pertinent. I do understand the wish to have it 100% dedicated to SEGA, as I love the brand myself... but really, if you look at things in life so rigidly it makes things way harder for you. An example of that is the comments above this one.

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    If only sega would buy capcom the songs I could request ��

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    YEAOH. TCB's Avatar
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    Simple: it's flexible at the DJ/Host's discretion.

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    Even though this is called "Radio SEGA", it's still a radio, and some shows tend to play non-SEGA music, which IMO it's a good thing.

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