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    Default I just wanted to say...

    ...a huge congratulations to you all.

    I am a nobody here now, but I wanted to convey a sense of congratulations and, to be honest, amazement at what's been done here. I was a member back in the very early days (myspace anyone?) but fell out of touch due to that pesky thing called life. The fact that RadioSEGA is still going over a decade after it began (and probably since I last logged in) is no small feat, and every single one of you who has helped towards making that happen should feel proud of that achievement; not many websites of this kind can say they've carried on as long as you have.

    I stumbled across the site again as a result of the recent fascination with retro synthwave, vaporwave etc and thought "Wait, aren't these the guys that send me birthday greetings every so often" and found that I was still registered with an account and everything- a post of some kind seemed like the only decent thing to do!

    So yeah. Keep on rocking guys. Here's to your next ten years!

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2014


    I read the title of this thread, and I was sort of expecting you to break out into the lyrics of Thinking About U by Sir J, so it was a nice surprise when I read the thread.

    Thanks for the nice post, and welcome back to the community, we hope to see you around the place some more again!

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    Join Date
    Jul 2015


    Seriously this place is great. I too often get distracted, but I always do return. No one is judgemental, just open to offer opinions.
    Your post has made my day.

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    Chief Assistant to the Assistant Chief! SimonShirley's Avatar
    Join Date
    Sep 2007
    Norwich, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom


    Thank you for your feedback, and my thanks also go to the team for keeping this a float.

    Hopefully, progress is on the way, so watch this space!
    Long time lurker and sometimes chief assistant. More the former.

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    Midwinter- Dreamcast Warm Midwinter's Avatar
    Join Date
    Dec 2007
    Phoenix, AZ.


    I was just listening to Radio Sega tonight thinking these same thoughts of how amazing this site is. It has been fun to have been here for the past 10 years just enjoying Sega music. I listen to it while working out, driving, and even my daughter enjoys listening with me. Although I have to cut back some due to certain DJ names, and songs that can come on. (She's only six and mostly likes the Hatsune Miku songs).

    Thanks for all the hard work everyone puts in to this. It is very much appreciated.

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    Couldn't agree more. Fab!

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