Hey Eveyone! I am pretty new here, but I have been in the Discord for awhile and listening to Radio Sega on and off for a few years. But recently really started listening a lot since I would listen while streaming on Twitch making this:

Studiopolis Zone Skin for Winamp!
https://youtu.be/d34DZiBUKDk- here's a video tour!

I use Winamp all the time still, not just to listen to Radio Sega but all my music that is on my computer!
This project all started because of the Hornet Van in the stage lol I wanted to see it dance and went from there!
All the sprites used for this were completely redrawn from the debut, and other various gameplay videos. Aside from the Hornet Van dancing to the beat of the music. The projector shows different animations that also react to the beat of the music! I drew a few new frames of Dr Robotnik dancing to give him a few more varied moves. Also in the Main window has animated clouds that go across the sky, the Eggman director's chair is the volume, item boxes as play buttons, and those bouncy orbs that had stars on them open the windows! Even though they looks like one, the main window, Equalizor, and Playlist can separate.
The microphone badnik is used as the eq bands in the Equalizor window.
The playlist can stretch all over with animated lights.
I spent a huge amount of time on this and wanted to share it here first since I listened to Radio Sega for the majority of the production while streaming! I even got a couple people to sign up so they could request their own songs too lol
There is also a "Tips" window if you right click anywhere just in cast you get confused with anything.

Here's a link the my website where you can download both the skin and Winamp in case you need it!