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    Sep 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gonic View Post
    Remember when Gavvie proposed that we merge with another fourm? I'm starting to think that wasn't such a bad idea.
    The only trouble with that is that we lose our own identity. It may make the forums appear more active in the short term but at a cost of being run by another entity.

    Whoever then runs the forum may want a say in how the rest of the site is administered and before you know it, everything is out of our hands.

    If we want the forums to be more active, then those that use it need to promote its use to attract others to use it to. Granted, the forums should also be promoted on the shows and bumper adverts that we put out but it won't go anywhere if the remaining few stop using it.
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    That makes sense. However, in regards to people who still use the fourm, there is very little they can do to promote it. For example, I have less then 100 active Twitter followers, most of them already know what RS is but are instead using the Discord and Facebook is probably the worst to promote something nowdays with the usless crap it plasters on your wall. If I had my own radioshow, I'd promote the fourms, discord and site.

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    I'm going to try to have a more active presence again. I really got burned out with social media and enjoyed being a part of this community. Would love to get to the point of assisting with the playlist again too.
    Proud Shump Chump

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    Am I late to the "RadioSEGA is dead" party where all the oldbies come out of the woodwork?

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    Well there is some Change in my Opinion. It will take it's time but there is a change right now. That's why i am also a bit more active again.

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    I'm still here and checking the forum, and occasionally posting! Even if it's to ask the exact same question almost exactly a year apart (see request thread).

    Wowser - looking at the member list and sorting by join date, KC is the oldest active forum member followed by me.
    Last edited by RetroBob; 27-03-2019 at 10:15.

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    I've been coming back lately to do a little posting here and there lately.
    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    Ah yes, you are above KC!

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    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    I am a few below KC.

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