What was your first Sonic game?

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Caleb Moody
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Post by Caleb Moody »

my first sonic game was sonic Adventure
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Post by Eclipse »

My first Sonic game was Sonic 2 for the SEGA Genesis.
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Post by GregH »

Sonic the Hedgehog on Genesis. I was working at Blockbuster the day it was released. Every employee was gathered around the t.v. when I walked in. Never forget it.
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Post by CUTTA »

Sonic 1 got it xmas of 92 it was a great day :biggrin:
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Post by Valaura »

Sonic Adventure 2
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Post by electricboogaloo »

THAT I'VE SEEN: Sonic The Hedgehog 2
THAT I PLAYED: The Sonic Adventure demo on the Dreamcast Generator Vol. 2 disc
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Post by Matt2e1cpc »

Sonic 1 on the Master System
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Post by SimonShirley »

Matt2e1cpc wrote:Sonic 1 on the Master System
Same here, and it is my favourite Sonic game to this day.
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Post by Whooa21 »

Interesting, I thought I had replied to this thread, but apparently not.
I don't remember a lot, but the first Sonic game I ever played was probably Sonic Heroes on PS2.

Although, I do remember dying way too many times on the final part with the gravity switches on Mystic Mansion, and constantly falling in the gap on Egg Albatross.
Good times :p
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Post by HatiK2 »

Sonic 1 or 2 i dont quite remember
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