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RadioSEGA Media Recap: March 2018

Here's a brief look into the podcasts that have been added to our Media service in the month of March 2018!

You see that red "Media" button at the top of our site? Did you know we still use that despite common belief? Although no longer regularly updated for every show, RadioSEGA Media still strives to bring you great podcasts from our fantastic lineup of radio shows, as well as the occasional exclusive.

Thought up so we can show you the upload schedule and what's been added that you might not have heard about, this series will show you the newest additions to our Media library for every month, in this case being the month of March 2018. Make sure to keep your eyes out for these posts at the end of every month so you can catch all of your favourite shows, even if you miss them live.

Here's what was added to RadioSEGA Media over the month of March:

Episode 55
Date Added: 24th March 2018
Description: "ClubSEGA is back for a birthday special. We take requests from our listeners and talk about a variety of Sega arcade games."
Duration: 02:05:22
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

2017 - RadioSEGA LiVE 8th Anniversary
Date Added: 14th March 2018
Description: "For one night only, SEGA AGES returns to celebrate the 8th anniversary of RS LiVE. Join host GreenViper8 for chat, In Reverse, and for the first time in years, lots of Sonic music!"
Duration: 03:16:05
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts

The Manic Monday Show
S3E05 - OSC
Date Added: 3rd March 2018
Description: "Recorded before this new season of the show even started, it's about time we aired my chat with Steve, aka Opus Science Collective, aka OSC. And Awinnerwasyou returns with his memories of Wolfchild on the Mega-CD. Warning: slight rant about the future of RadioSEGA at the end. Apologies in advance!"
Duration: 2:21:22
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E06 - Kristian Lander
Date Added: 6th March 2018
Description: "In this episode of The Manic Monday Show, we have a chat with Kristian Lander and find out more about his video on the Streets of Rage series. And who could forget another exciting edition of Say My Name???"
Duration: 2:17:27
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E07 - Matt Furniss
Date Added: 14th March 2018
Description: "It's a special Whackass Wednesday episode of The Manic Monday Show! Due to the RadioSEGA LiVE anniversary celebrations that took place on Monday, the show aired on a Wednesday this week. Joining KC this time is legendary vgm composer Matt Furniss and Awinnerwasyou brings back his Memories of SEGA. Plus... Gizoogle."
Duration: 2:17:45
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E08 - RoBKTA
Date Added: 20th March 2018
Description: "RadioSEGA turns 12 this week and KC shares a few bits of news regarding celebrations and the near future of the station. We also welcome funky genius RoBKTA to The Manic Lounge and crown the first winner of Say My Name of Season 3."
Duration: 2:23:32
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E09 - Vocal Special III
Date Added: 28th March 2018
Description: "For the third year in a row, it's time for a Manic Monday Vocal Special. This time, we take your requests and giveaway a special prize to the winner of Say My Name: Under Pressure. NOTE: An extra episode of the show with more vocal tracks will be available as a podcast exclusive on Wednesday."
Duration: 2:21:58
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

S3E09X - Vocal Special III Extra
Date Added: 28th March 2018
Description: "As a treat to all of you for requesting lots of great vocal tracks this week, here's a podcast-exclusive extension to the Monday night show with the songs that didn't make it into the playlist and a few others. About one hour more of vocal SEGA goodness!"
Duration: 1:00:46
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

Topical Resort

E48 - SEGA Model 2 Games
Date Added: 2nd March 2018
Description: "A SEGA Model 2 episode was requested by electricboogaloo, so a Model 2 Episode it is! Join us for some interesting chat about the board, many failed attempts at English, and an abundance of Sonic the Fighters tracks!"
Duration: 2:00:10
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

E49 - Yuzo Koshiro
Date Added: 9th March 2018
Description: "It's time to focus on one of SEGA's finest retro composers, the legend that is Yuzo Koshiro. Join us for talk about the man, fantastic music and of course a fantastic butchering of the English language."
Duration: 1:55:46
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

E50 - History of RadioSEGA LiVE
Date Added: 17th March 2018
Description: "50 episodes! What about instead of doing the normal episode of looking back at the show, we look back at EVERYTHING before us? Join ViPER for 3 great hours of RS LiVE history!"
Duration: 3:01:12
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

E51 - SEGA's 2008 Lineup
Date Added: 23rd March 2018
Description: "Even though this show doesn't really cover years, host ViPER wanted to look at a year that's special to him, as well as a year with great music! Join ViPER for talk, cut segments and words that we shall not say in fear of pronouncing them wrong."
Duration: 1:58:43
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

E52 - SEGA Rhythm Games Revisited
Date Added: 30th March 2018
Description: "1 year, 1 season, 1 genre. We've already covered it, but because it's lost and it's the end of the season, let's cover Rhythm Games created by SEGA again. Join us for 2 hours of the usual segments, the POPE's very own future tapping game and Shaddix's leaked copy of Bayonetta 3!"
Duration: 2:21:26
Download: RS Media|Apple Podcasts|Stitcher

That's it for this month! Come back next month when we'll have more fantastic content for you to download, as for now though, continue to listen to RadioSEGA, because we are playing the best SEGA music 24/7 after all!

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