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RadioSEGA Joins GameBlast 2021 - 26-28 February

We're taking part in the annual charity marathon benifiting SpecialEffect! Read on on what to expect...

This February, we're proud to team up with the annual charity gaming event known as GameBlast. GameBlast devotes itself with helping changing the lives of disabled gamers in the world with a multi-day marathon of contributing companies, gamers and content creators. RadioSEGA will join in the festivities with a mix of video and audio programming from our own presenters and the community from February 26 to 28.

Get to watch streams from our KC, GreenViper8, Ravsieg, Shadid, cdrom and Greyfore, as well as special appearences from Shenmue Dojo, Kori-Maru, SonicYoda, LimeReversed and Tojo Dojo. Plus on our radio side, we have our Friday-Sunday lineup including the official premiere of our newest LiVE show: VGBeats Box! Check out the full UK Time schedule below (note that times and presenters subject to change, and some streams and radio shows may overlap):

Friday, 26th February:

4PM TO 8PM: KC (on his Twitch)
7PM TO 9PM: Pick n' Mix with GreenViper8 (on RadioSEGA)
8PM TO 11PM: Shenmue Dojo (on their Twitch)
9PM TO 10PM: VGBeats Box OFFICIAL Premiere (on RadioSEGA)
10PM TO 11PM: Late and Live with ResidentSD (on RadioSEGA)
10PM: Tojo Dojo plays Jet Set Radio & Sonic Adventure (on their Twitch)
11PM TO 1AM: RSLiVE Plays - GameBlast 2021 SEGA Quiz special, hosted by Ravsieg (on RadioSEGA's Twitch)
Saturday, 27th February:
10AM TO 11AM: SonicYoda (on his Twitch)
11AM TO 1PM:
 RSLiVE Plays with Greyfore (on RadioSEGA's Twitch)
1PM TO 5PM: RSLiVE Plays - Mystery Game with GreenViper8 (on RadioSEGA's Twitch)
3PM: Tojo Dojo plays SEGA VR Games (on their Twitch)
5PM TO 8PM: Fighting Vipers tournament presented by Kori-Maru (on his Twitch)
9PM TO 10PM: The Hidden Palace with Skyblaze (on RadioSEGA)
10PM TO 12AM: Saturday Night SEGA with Gavvie (on RadioSEGA)
Sunday, 28th February:
12AM TO 4AM: cdrom1019 (on his Twitch)
10AM TO 1PM: KC (on his Twitch)
1PM TO 4PM: RSLiVE Plays: Yakuza 4 PC - Day 5 with GreenViper8 (on RadioSEGA's Twitch)
3PM: Tojo Dojo plays Yakuza: Like a Dragon (on their Twitch)
4PM TO 7PM: KC (on his Twitch)
6PM TO 10PM: LimeReversed (on his Twitch)
7PM TO 8PM: LMC Block - Radio Redux (on RadioSEGA)
8PM TO 10:30PM: SEGA Mixer Drive with Rexy (on RadioSEGA)
After SEGA Mixer Drive: RSLiVE Plays - Finale stream with Shadid (on RadioSEGA's Twitch)
If you'd like to help us out, you can in two ways: Either donate at radiose.ga/gameblast, where the link will take you to our JustGiving page. Or you can make donations at The RadioSEGA Shop on any & all such purchases there until 28 February. All proceeds will go to benfiting SpecialEffect.

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