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27 November 2015: 25 Years of the Mega Drive!

We're coming into the second-to-last episode of the entire SMD Season.  This week, we go uber-special once more as we focus our attention to the legacy of the Sega Mega Drive, which is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its European launch this Monday!

Wow, the Mega Drive - the first game console I ever got my hands on - is getting older, yet still more beautiful by the day.  Tomorrow's episode of SMD will take us all down memory lane with a historic look at Sega's 16-bit triumph and an assortment of remixes from fans that treasured it to this day.  From its earliest launch titles to its last hurrahs, it'll be a historic monument for something that many-a-90s-gamer would be proud of owning.

Requests are still good for this episode - in fact, it's the last chance you'll get to request all season, so make it a good one!  First of all, the usual outlets: you have my Twitter (include the hashtag #SEGAMixerDrive), a Private Message on the RadioSEGA Message Boards, a query on the IRC, an email at bev [dot] wooff [at] gmail [dot] com, or sending a post to SMD's Facebook Page.

Second of all, the restrictions!  In addition to the usual SMD game-arrangement rules (Sega must be involved with developing and/or publishing the game), there are two added restrictions for this particular episode.  First, it must've had a Mega Drive release.  Secondly, it must not have been released as an Arcade title or on any other Sega system first.  There are hundreds of games that form the system's library, and to cover the best out of it, we go by what the system itself had to offer.  If you need a hand, click here to see a list of every Mega Drive game ever released.

On top of that, there's just over a week left for the 2015 In Review Autumn Poll, and the current standings can't get any closer than it is right now!  The last 3 months of Remix Highlights are still raw and fresh, so if you haven't had a say as to which ones you liked the most, click over here and pick your 10 favorites form the selection.  The overall top 3 will get a guaranteed place in the setlist for the Season Finale next week.  Your deadline is Friday, December 4th at 9PM UK time.

Whether MD or Genesis, you should step back in time - 25 years of Blast Processing, on SEGA Mixer Drive!  Coming live every Friday night at 9PM UK time (4PM EST / 1PM PST / 10PM CET) on RadioSEGA!

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