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    Heya x3

    Heh, yeah it sucked O: I mostly just lost movies and pictures, the really important things were still on my laptop, so it wasn't a disaster. I'd never beat up my rock! ...he'd kick my ass >_<

    You can do that heck you could make them sound like a parrot, trumpet, video game...loads of weird things really :I

    I've always found History really boring >_> I'm really good at writing about debates or political issues. Things that make you create an argument and then support it I find that really easy.

    Hehe I didn't know that, I've always thought Diet coke tasted awesome :D Mountain Dew is awful!

    Yes ;0 me and my drinks are very close, we're the best of friends!

    Awe :D that's cute. The Lion King is one of my favorite movies.

    Vocals are so good x3 do you sing often?
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    Heya :D

    Mm, sometimes it's better to spend a little extra and be sure that it won't break :I I had a back up hard drive that crashed, I lost alllll of my saved data...that was annoying v_v

    Once you have an SD card you can have a lot of fun with the audio thing :D you can play with your favorite songs, which kept me amused for hours.

    You do essays that need to be mroe than 500 words? doesn't everyone? Or maybe you meant 5000 heh, well essays are pretty easy, depends on what you're writing about doesn't it?

    Bleeeh, I like the hot Doritos :D they're pretty good but I really hate the cheese and blue ones XP :O you don't like diet coke?! Everyone likes Diet Coke!! It's the best drink on earth

    I haven't seen Iron Giant in years :D did you enjoy it?

    Awe x3 that's a shame, it's a pretty cool instrument.

    Mwuhahahahaha! I knocked down your score :D
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    I guess if you were pulling the strings it miiiight break you gotta strum them, but ah well.

    Y'owch O_O I think her new album is called Circus, or something like that. Having hair torn out is not really that nice...

    Seinfeld looks like it's worth watching I'll keep an eye out for it!
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    Hey Tammy! x3 I gotta run out to do some errands so I'm gonna type this uber fast :O

    DSi to comp? You'll need an SD Card you can get a huge one for a few dollars, it'll store your music tracks too.


    Something like that should work just fine

    That's okay if you don't want to talk about things, not being confused is a pretty good thing at least :D right?

    Heh, my arguments are over for now, things are a little strange though >_>

    I'll never be able to beat that score O_O Oh...my...gosh...

    Ohhh, so spicy cheatos huh? :D I wanna try em! I always hated the cheese ones XP but I love spicy food xD hmm...though I still think there's a better bribe, like Minstrels O_O mmmm....tasty x3 though Diet coke would be good too :D
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    Really really confused? Awe, what are you confused about?

    Heh well I'm err...confused too to be honest " having arguments with people, bleh!

    Hail the champion of text you write so much I can't keep up.
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    I'm sure you could play guitar great with a little practice I'm not very good at it anyway

    Hot Cheetos?! What on earth are those?! Spicy cheetos or literally warm cheetos? o.O they sound pretty good though I think there's better bribes.

    How am I a groupie?! 60's dance moves? o_O well...they plain rock :D

    Haha, that must be so embarassing, to be caught lip syncing like that. Though I sort of expect it from her :I so I wouldn't be surprised.

    Zany is like Crazy or bubbly.

    I've never seen Seinfeld before :S what's it about?
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    You mean my rock is cheating on me with me neighbour?! O_O Gasp! :O if he ate other pebbles he'd be a cannibal, surely? That would be bad, he'd have to go to the Rock jail v_v The fact he watches me while I sleep is scary enough maybe he'll just climb high and fall on my head that would work.

    Sexy Back? O: I don't know that tune, and what's wrong with singing into a hair brush? heh, I'm sure it's great fun. What?! The master prankster, I'm sure you'd be able to pull it off probably a lot better than I could too.

    From now on the dog will be outside when I'm next pulling a prank

    Sadly they don't I can't remember the last scary movie I watched.

    Yeah I know I like to watch movies alone so I don't get interrupted though joking all the way through a movie can be really fun sometimes :3

    *laughs* awe, that's a shame string is such a pain in the butt!

    Really good ones? :O like what? :D
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    Heh If she ever played over here I'd rush to see! I hope her next album is more fun though :3

    Haha!! I didn't think you'd uncover that >__< yes, my evil laugh was a cheap way to boost my score well done, well done!

    How have you been lately? ^__^

    Hehe all of that and it's only 1900 characters, I suck. You're too good

    (Oh dear, I actually posted all of these on my page and not yours, duh Rayne)
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    When I have friends over watching them they crack jokes all the way through it :S

    I guess you need a lot of string huh?! Have you ever tried that out before?

    Haha, that's exactly what happened to me too So scary, it's just not funny D: it's only funny when it happens to other people!

    If you find any others do tell me I'd love to see, if you want me to look for more I'll go do it :3

    Well years back I played on stage with friends :3 I used to play guitar, we weren't...awful...we usually did pretty well :D

    Mwuhahahaha I would accept...hmmmm...I have no idea O: what do you think they'd try bribe me with?

    Oh, so the Ting Tings are doing a UK tour now? Maybe I'll try go along to a concert with them :D that'd be fun right?

    Never ever huh? I guess we'll see about that

    Yeah I thought that too! The Climb was just a boring track, she's a lot better when she's doing pop tracks or rocky tracks, they're zany and fun
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    I've never fed him either O_O I'm such a bad owner!! I didn't think Rocky would eat things. Heh that's because my rock is plain awesome, he'd never turn me in! Never! the rock stealing theif bandit thing? Well yeah he's still at large and uhh...no, I've never heard of him ^__^"

    If you want a video, I'll make a video :D but probably not of the prank It'd be hard to make it work and video it at the same time

    Neither did I! We sould have fed the dog before I tried that.

    *laughs* Tammy that was so in-depth I didn't understand it :O It sounds like a good idea except that scary movies just aren't that scary anymore!
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