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    Character-wise, Sonic himself. I really loved...

    Character-wise, Sonic himself. I really loved playing Espio back on the 32X, though -- that ceiling-run he can do is just so fun!
  2. Is there any saving the live-action Sonic movie?

    Now that the movie trailer has been released and audiences worldwide were suitably horrified by Sonic's character design, do you think there is any saving the movie? I heard that the director or...
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    I'm playing "Skyforce Anniversary" on the...

    I'm playing "Skyforce Anniversary" on the Wii-U... after recently beating it for the Vita. For a "fly a little ship, pew, pew!" kind of game, that thing is delightfully/terrifyingly addictive!
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    Like others have said, I don't think it has ever...

    Like others have said, I don't think it has ever definitively been said if you can get infected from a bite or if it has to be an injection. In HOTD: Overkill, we do see Varla's brother coming up...
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