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  1. #1971


    Today I decided to play Sonic Adventure 2 Battle....only to find out that my memory card got corrupted or something!
    I can still look at my chao gardens and see all the chao I've made, but when I exit the chao lobby it says "File not saved!"
    So I guess I'll have to use a different memory card now.

  2. #1972


    Today I read the Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon manga. And really enjoyed it.

  3. #1973


    Glad to see this thread return.

    May as well say what I did today too...

    Today I finished Sonic Mania for the 3rd time (1 PS4, 1 PC, 1 Switch) and I'm currently doing my first Knuckles playthrough of the game (Gotta make my only Switch game last! ).
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  4. #1974


    Today I basically just slept, which I didn't plan on doing. And I guess I learned how to play Dreams of an Absolution on the keyboard. But I didn't really do anything besides that. And now I'm wide awake from sleeping all day.

  5. #1975


    Today my family got a new water heater after 2 years of no hot water. Now we can​ take showers without freezing to death.

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    Today I'm Looking At The Forums To Avoid Studying For Finals.
    I'm Outta Here!

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