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    Hi I'm BritGamer98 but you can call me BritGamer or Brit.

    Obviously I like SEGA. My favourite way to play games is handheld and my favourite game is Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

    I am BritGamer98 on Steam. Add me.

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    Hi, I am very new here, have loved SEGA ever since I was a kid, about 26 years now, maybe more,maybe less, anywho, my name is Lauren and Iím glad to be a part of this, favorite games go to genesis, Golden Axe, Shining Force, Shadowrun, etc. Please PM me since I am new and donít know much, expect lots of Sonic and Golden Axe requests from me! Nice to meet you all

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dec 2014


    Welcome Lauren, hope you enjoy your stay here at RadioSEGA, and hopefully you find some stuff you like on our 24/7 stream!

    As for everyone else who I haven't greeted in other places, welcome all! Hopefully you've enjoyed what you've seen of the site so far.
    Host of Topical Resort - Your #1 Discussion and Topic Based Show! Fridays at 7PM GMT

    Ex-Host of The Dreamcast Hour - Talking about the best of SEGA's Final Console!

    Catch me talking nonsense at twitter.com/TheGreenViper8.

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    Nov 2018
    Where you'd least expect


    Greetings! I'm the Sma Man.

    I came here looking for some eccentric background music as I attempt National Novel Writing Month for the 5th time. (I'm currently 3-1, btw.) I used to love listening to GamingFM and VGAMP back in the day, and I never really found another online, request-enabled video game music station until now!

    Looking forward to taking in some great music with great people!

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