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    Got myself a new guitar and Ernie Ball "Not Even Slinky" strings for lower tunings. (the stuff that's great for stuff like C Standard or Drop C tuning)
    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    ^Wish I saw your post earlier. I haven't been here in ages and..well. Kinda looking to chat with people with similar hobbies. What kind of guitar did you get? Got any pics?

    I just got a new one myself. I'm mainly a Metal guy, mostly play Schecters but I wanted something to nail a good SRV sound so I got this beast:


    Classic Vibe 50's Strat.. I at one time owned a USA Strat and aside from just the bridge pickup, believe it or not I prefer my Squier CV over the USA one.
    Have you heard my remake of Spring Yard Zone? No? Check it out here: http://soundcloud.com/wrathoskvro/spring-yard-remake

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    Unfortunately i don't have any pics with me (at school atm) but my other guitar is an off-brand guitar kinda sorta shaped like the guitar i mentioned in my last post. (A Starcaster, no idea what year... got it used from guitar center)
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    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    Don't mind me, just bumping a thread to say I've purchased a badge for KitsuneKon 2019.


    Might as well spice it up a bit, this arrived a few days ago:
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