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    Dec 2017


    Had heard about RS a few times in the past but never checked it out until I met my good friend viper. He told me more about the whole site and the fact he had a show on the it and other people did too.

    Joined RS for the main reason of the site, I love video game music especially Sega music so when I hopped on to check out the site for the proper first time of course I made an account.

    Somehow its been 2 or so years now and I'm glad RS is still going strong

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    Apr 2020


    Ace Croft. Blame him for everything.

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    It's was the music RadioSEGA playing the first time I got on it.

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    Jan 2020
    North Devon


    I found radio Sega my searching game stations on Google.
    Started listening and loved it ever since

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    I found it due to a Peter Knetter video

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    Oct 2010
    New York City, NY


    Quote Originally Posted by Normality View Post
    I found it due to a Peter Knetter video
    Which video that be?
    RadioSEGA member since October 2010

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    It was around 2012, the company I work for had a fleet of trucks that they had the AM/FM Tuner disconnected out of it to help prevent any accidents. Only thing they did not think of was blue-tooth and streaming music through blue-tooth over the radio.

    I was the outside operator at the time and spent the majority of my day in the truck, it would get a bit lonely and boring waiting for direction on what line-up to make or if there was a piece of equipment acting up that needed troubleshooting, I began looking for online radio channels. Just by chance I looked up video game radio and this site popped up. I began listening to the channel every shift I worked for 4-6 hours, day or night for over a year. As I moved up in my job it became a bit harder to listen to the channel but I've found time to re-visit over and over again over the past 8 years.

    I may not be as frequent of a visitor as I once was but I still greatly enjoy the channel and i am happy to see it still up and running every time I visit.

    Congratulations and I wish you nothing but future success!

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