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    Red Arremer Option's Avatar
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    Apr 2008


    There's another major gripe I have with H&H mode... which is not being able to play it online with your friends. I mean, I understand the whole team vs. team event thing going on and such, but honestly, why not let people play each other in an environment that isn't affecting the whole team stats stuff? It's just stupid. Alas MvC isn't Ono's project, thus it is treated like shit.
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    May 2008
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    well, what we've seen from vanilla MvC3, what else would we expect?

    And I've yet to get Ultimate, but I tried it out already with my Vanilla team (Zero/Spencer/Dante), and it's very different in terms of comboing, even Zero's BnB is different. But Spencer's new move is soooo godlike. <3

    also, irrelevant, but this happened last weekend at a local place here:
    I live here now!

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