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    Dec 2006
    Dudley, West Midlands


    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Novagen View Post
    They followed Windows XP with Vista. 'Nuff said, I'd be worried if I were you guys.
    That's quite a good analogy actually. They took something OK, and followed it up with something better.

    Actually, that's not a very good analogy. Windows XP is just awful compared to what followed it. But we're getting off topic here...

    I only played 1 vs 100 a few times and I thought it was pretty cool. I think Gavvie is right that it brings into question what's next for Primetime. I have a funny feeling that, with everything else that's going on at Microsoft (Kinect etc), Primetime will probably quietly disapear never to be seen again. It would be a shame if that were to be the case as it was an interesting idea.

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    Long Live The King The Captain's Avatar
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    Dec 2006


    Only thing I hated is that the one and the 100 were the top 101 ranked in the previous rounds. No matter how many I got right and how fast I answered questions, I only ever got in the 100 once. Should have been randomly selected from a certain dmeographic.

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    Real name,no gimmiks richarddavies's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Manchester, UK


    ^ It was quite hard in that respect. I only got into the 100 once and i gave up tryin to be the one. You had to be hardcore to do that.

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    The Fun is here! Josh's Avatar
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    Jun 2010


    Hmmm... I haven't played 1 v 100 on Xbox Live. I watched the show on NBC when they had it on. I wonder what they're working on in Washington?

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    Jan 2007


    I remember when there was hell on about one player was constantly being the one due to him cheating by going into other countrys versions of 1 vs 100 and even won in a contest that was intended for the UK and NI only!!!! some people!

    Anyway it is sad to see it go away but i can proudly say that i was 2nd in a "Extended Play" session

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