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    Garfield & Sonic Fan crippenstation's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Hickman, NE

    Default UEFA Champions League

    Considering there's a base within a base of fans here that enjoy their football, I'm surprised there isn't a thread dedicated to this, so here it is. Here you can share your observations and reactions to Europe's premier club tournament, which is aired all over the world every year.

    This top entry will be updated to reflect the latest results and schedule for games and where you can watch it in Europe and the United States, although do expect most of the games to be aired on News Corp. owned channels.

    Today starts the knockout round! Until the final, two legs are played the team with the most goals after both legs wins.

    Game Schedule; Team v Team (UK TV, US TV)
    February 15
    AC Milan v Tottenham Hotspur (Sky Sports 2, FOX Soccer Channel)
    Valencia v Schalke 04 (Sky Sports 4, FSN)

    February 16
    Arsenal v Barcelona (ITV, FOX Soccer Channel)
    Roma v Shakhtar Donetsk (Sky Sports 2, FOX Soccer Plus)

    All games kick off at 19:45, that's 2:45 Eastern Time in the US. (That means you lucky Europeans get the games in primetime!)
    Beware of your mind as it proves you wrong...

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    NOT CONFUSING AT ALL Killer French Bread's Avatar
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    May 2008


    There's footy fans here? Must keep themselves well hidden.

    I think both the London teams will probably get done. Bale is out for Spurs and Arsenal always bottle it in the CL against better teams than themselves. Couldn't predict the other games.
    Tic Tac, sir?

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    NOT CONFUSING AT ALL Killer French Bread's Avatar
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    May 2008


    Crouchigol wins it! And Gattuso capping it off by headbutting Tottenham's assitant manager. Mental.
    Tic Tac, sir?

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    Host of Saturday Night SEGA Gavvie's Avatar
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    Dec 2007


    Yeah, Gattuso has got no talent anymore. As Souness said on the tellybox, his best days are long, long gone.

    There are lines that you don't cross in football. Headbutting a player is crossing it. Headbutting a member of the coaching staff, that's pole vaulting it.

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