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    NOT CONFUSING AT ALL Killer French Bread's Avatar
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    May 2008


    The same happened with Shadow of the Colossus. Shit game, but it appealed to the sort who can pretend it didn't have a crap camera, crap controls and maddening trial and error gameplay as long as the game keeps its part of the bargain and pretends to be emotionally ambitions, or whatever. Big whoopy waa waa.
    Tic Tac, sir?

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    Sonic i need fruit's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Devon, England


    The huge hype over this game is mostly based on its style, but that's not to say it hasn't got substance. I don't mind dying if there is a reason to continue playing, providing that I don't have to repeat tedious parts over and over. I think the use of death in this game is much more than 'unlucky, you suck; try again'.
    One point I can defiantly agree on is the price. You can buy Portal for 1200, and the two games are not even in the same league.

    As for Shadow Of The Coloussus I cant comment because I haven't played it, but the comparison is probably right. I believe SOC was critically acclaimed for being 'artistic' and had a interesting USP with wondering boss level things.

    Maybe I should write a review for Viewtiful Joe and have this discussion again, but with a completely different viewpoint!
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    Real name,no gimmiks richarddavies's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Manchester, UK


    I didn't give a crap about the story in Shadow of the collosus I just thought it was a good game. I enjoyed trying to work out how you go about toppling each giant. It's obviously not for everyone though.

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