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    Man! I haven't posted in the forums in AGES...

    My history of playing instruments is pretty sad (I won't bother anyone with the details unless you want to hear my story), but because of it, I've gotten my feet wet with quite a bit of instruments, of which I seem to have settled into drumming (more on that in a bit).

    Instruments I've tried out and/or own:

    Guitar, Trumpet, Drums, Ocarina, Harmonica, Vocals, MAH HANDS AND ME FEETS

    Currently, the only instruments I play are in fact, my own two hands and feet! What I mean by that is I do percussion with any surface that is near me at the time whenever I'm listening to a piece or simply have one stuck in my head. Somehow out of all of the musical experience I've had, doing percussion with my appendages is the thing that I'm best at, despite me having only around 3 or so months of official instruction. The rest is self taught. The only thing I hate and regret is not being able to perform, and not having enough stamina to play the drumline to Rooftop Run efficiently without taking a slight load off my legs (If you'd see me perform, you'd know what I mean ). Like, I wish I could get better and do stuff like Twitch, but the fact is that I live at home, and my fam ABSOLUTELY HATES AND DESPISES it when I drum. They say it makes them nervous.

    Sorry for my rant. But If anyone knows a solution to this besides literally moving out, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. My ability to be artistic is quickly dying, and pretty soon I won't be able to fully recover my skills and be stuck at square one again, without a creative outlet.

    Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Again; I apologize for the sob story.

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    I own/have played violin and guitar. Mostly the guitar these days since it's more engaging to play songs you know and love.
    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    Can't say I know how to play any vg music on the guitar though, most of the stuff i know how to play off the top of my head is stuff from Jack White lol.
    If I were insane... would I know it?

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    no i dont play any instruments, but i do like RadioSega! :D

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    Retro Gamer Markiegee50X's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Irondequoit, New York


    Yes, drums

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