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    Moé Reknoc's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nottingham, England


    I dunno if it's accurate to say Satelight "did" Macross, as it predates the studio by like 20 years? lol but the director, Kawamori is the head of Satelight so they've done the newer stuff (Zero and Frontier). Either way I've been hoping for a tv series for a while and I generally enjoy Satelights work (Macross is in fact the best anime franchise out there and Zero and Frontier are up there as my favourites).

    Man that Mu -12- costume is lewd as fuck, probably the only good (or maybe just only?) CAST collab costume I've seen.

    They're also doing PSO1 throw back stuff like costumes http://www.bumped.org/psublog/get-ps...agol-memories/ http://www.bumped.org/psublog/wp-con...y-Exchange.jpg

    Want the Elanor costume so bad.

    and a Guilty Gear Xrd crossover, want that Milia Rage costume so bad:

    edit: oh wait, bumped has this on the anime:
    • PSO2 TV Anime launching 2016!
    • The tale is an original story taking place on Earth in the near future.
    sounds like a prequel series, hype deflated.

    edit2: PSO2 merch remains to be trash.
    Last edited by Reknoc; 12-07-2015 at 23:07.

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    Staying Topical! GreenViper8's Avatar
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    Dec 2014


    About time that this thread was revived, eh?

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