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    Real name,no gimmiks richarddavies's Avatar
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    Sep 2007
    Manchester, UK


    This fascinated me. Everything alive on the planet is made of the same six components except for these little blighters. Life finds a way so they say. They might even expand the search of new species on our planet, as in they might check much more inhospitable or unlikely places for life.

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    Member Tru's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


    Milo suddenly feels very threatened.

    Well, if the aliens are evil, then obviously we need to welcome our new overlords by selling each other out

    But, I do like to think that smart alien life would be more Vulcan-like.

    I am fascinated by stuff like this too and other Earth-like planets. It's such a massive universe, it's only logical that life exists other than here.

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    Sonic ***** Team ****** Quills on Wheels's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Land of Down Under


    I wonder if it is like how they say it and Aliens are creatures with Big brains that communicate with each other using their brain or Some Mechanical creatures.

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    Moé Reknoc's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Nottingham, England


    Quote Originally Posted by crippenstation View Post
    If God has created something smarter than us, I would like to know.

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