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    In my opinion, I think the Mega Drive version is the harder version of the two. There are reasons to this:

    • I haven't played the Mega Drive version to it's full extent. As I've heard, and am more used to, the NTSC speed of the music, I find that the PAL speed is very off-putting.

    • I grew up only owning the Master System version. Despite Gavvie's hate towards the second Jungle act, I feel it adds variety to the game and it is one feature that I haven't seen repeated (shame). It may be there but I suck at the later games.

    • The Mega Drive version doesn't feel like the Master System version. I know that sounds odd as they are two completely different games, but I feel that there are parts in the games that do not correlate, for example:

    1. Special Stages in the middle of an act (MD) and Special Stages at the end (MS)
    2. Chaos Emerald as Special Stage Prize (MD), Continue as Special Stage Prize (MS), the Chaos Emerald is hidden in the act somewhere, usually on the second act.
    Maybe I should play them both through from start to finish before I pass proper judgement.
    Long time lurker and sometimes chief assistant. More the former.

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    I'll go with the Master System version

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