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    A list of albums available from SEGA on iTunes (US) not yet on RadioSEGA.

    Idola Phantasy Star Saga (Original Soundtrack)
    Soul Reverse (Original Soundtrack)
    Panzer Dragoon Saga (Original Soundtrack)
    * which has a bonus track. Also, all the PANZER DRAGOON albums there have superior translations, so it would be nice to have the playlist use them.
    Soul Reverse Zero (Original Soundtrack)
    Liberasion of Azure (Original Soundtrack)
    Skies of Arcadia, Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack)
    Skies of Arcadia (Original Soundtrack), Vol. 2
    * these two have longer tracks than the ETERNAL ARCADIA ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
    Kunoichi (Original Soundtrack)

    Shining Force Cross (Original Soundtrack) Vol.1
    Shining Force Cross (Original Soundtrack) Vol.2
    Shining Force Cross (Original Soundtrack) Vol.3
    Shining Force Crossraid (Original Soundtrack) Vol.1
    Shining Force Crossraid (Original Soundtrack) Vol.2
    Shining Force Crossraid (Original Soundtrack) Vol.3

    * half the tracks from these 6 are here under the Shining Force CROSS RAID banner, but it would be great if we could have all the tracks and under their game of origin.
    Virtua Fighter Official Sound
    * has certain tracks extended, but the sound is accurate to the arcade, from what I hear.
    Virtua Fighter 2 Official Sound
    * arcade gamerip. No SFX and fighter grunts.
    Virtua Fighter 3 Official Sound
    * arcade gamerip. No SFX and fighter grunts. Some missing tracks, but I don't know if those were introduced in Virtua Fighter 3tb or not.
    Virtua Fighter 4 Official Sound
    * does not include PS2 exclusive tracks, but has alternate endings for some tracks.
    Virtua Fighter 4 Evo&FT Official Sound
    * does not include Jingle Medley or soundtrack exclusive remixes, but includes tracks from Final Tuned.
    Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! - Complete Song Collection
    Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance! - World Song Collection
    * every Japanese track has a Romaji translation on that first one, but they have English translations on the second one.
    Space Harrier II - Space Harrier Complete Collection (Original Soundtrack) [Bonus Track]
    * that bonus track isn't on here.
    World Club Champion Football 10th Anniversary Best, Vol. 1
    World Club Champion Football 10th Anniversary Best, Vol. 2
    Virtua Fighter5 Official Sound
    Virtua Fighter5 R Official Sound
    Virtua Fighter5 Final Showdown Official Sound
    * these three have stage tracks that loop before transitioning into the soundtrack exclusive edit. They also all have exclusive tracks.
    Alexandria Bloodshow Sound Track - EP
    Samurai Bloodshow Sound Track 2
    Samurai Bloodshow Sound Track - EP
    The Puyo Puyo Song - EP

    There are also plenty of Phantasy Star and Shining Force albums and compilations there, but I think they're all on RadioSEGA.

    There's also several soundtracks exclusive to Japan, such as the Hero Bank games, the Sengoku Taisen series and the two selection EPs for SEGASATURN games.

    * All of these soundtracks are also available on amazon music, where they usually have more dynamic letter casing, which typically matches their titles on other sites such as Spotify.

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