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Yes, after months of deciding whether this should merit its own thread, with the help of the Random Chit Chat thread, welcome to the "offical" SEGA Events and News thread! Here you can post and discuss any gatherings, events, items, and news (not specifically game-related) involving the ever-loving company!

Now I will start off with this upcoming event set to touch down on Venice Beach, California on October 22nd, 2011 and yes it's part of Sonic's 20th Anniversary! It's called the...

The following is taken from the offical annoucement from the SEGA Blog:

In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary and Sonic Generations, we’ve partnered with leading action sports event producer ASA Entertainment to create a historic event — Sonic Generations of Skate — featuring three generations of professional skaters competing throughout the Sonic-themed day. On Saturday, October 22, Sonic and skateboarding fans will descend on Venice Beach, California (on the basketball courts near Muscle Beach), the iconic location where performance skateboarding planted it roots. Viewers in the USA will also be able to catch all the action on FOX Sports Network on Friday, November 25th.

But wait, what does this "historic" event include? Read on, my fellow readers...

This unique one-day skateboarding competition incorporates Sonic’s celebrated qualities of speed, adventure and fun. Twelve of skateboarding’s most elite athletes, including Andy Macdonald, Lincoln Ueda, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Steve Caballero and Tony Hawk will compete for a cash prize in multiple half-pipe events. Videogame fans will have the opportunity to preview Sonic’s upcoming game, Sonic Generations, more than one week before its official launch, for free! Consumers will have the opportunity to pre-register online for clinics with professional skaters and free skate sessions on a 4,500 sq ft street course!

So, many of you must be thinking, how does Sonic and pro-skateboarders have anything to do with each other? Well, sound off below! And don't worry there's more to come soon! As for now, post what you think on this as I prepare to continue finishing up my homework!