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    Default Late and Live - Tracklistings

    Late and Live
    LiVE Friday nights from 10pm UK time (11pm CET/5pm ET/2pm PT/21:00 GMT)

    Late and Live brings the sound of Friday night to RadioSEGA with the best mix of uptempo SEGA tunes and community remixes to kick off your RadioSEGA LiVE weekend. With our regular themed shows, DJ mixes, free for alls and our month end Listener Mix where you pick all the tunes, we're pumping RadioSEGA's biggest party directly into your speakers or headphones! Don't miss it - LiVE or on demand!

    There's nothing I love more than playing your requests. However, to keep the theme of the show and to enable as many people as possible to get involved in the show, we have two rules regarding requests:
    > All requests should be tracks that are uptempo. Remember - the show is a party mix! (note - this rule may not be in force during themed weeks whereby the theme of the week will determine what tracks can be requested)
    > The show is only on air for 60 minutes which realistically means that there are only either 12 or 15 tracks that can be played as part of the show, depending on track length. Therefore, requests are limited to 2 tracks per show per week if made in advance, 1 track per show per week if made while the show is on air. If you have requested prior to the show airing, even if you've only made one request, you will not be able to request again during the show. Also, requests are taken on a first come, first served basis.

    Requests in advance of the show should be sent via private message on our Discord - join here, via e-mail to residentsd [at] radiosega [dot] net, or by tweeting @RadioSEGA using the hashtag #LateandLive. Requests during the show can be e-mailed and tweeted using the details above, or can be sent via private message in the RadioSEGA Discord.

    If you can't listen to Late and Live during the live broadcast, or just want to hear it all again, then download the Late and Live podcast! You could download each episode individually, or you can subscribe and have every podcast delivered to you automatically. Plus every episode of Late and Live has chapters on supported devices too making it even easier to listen to your favourite Late and Live tracks. Subscribe via the links below.

    Subscribe via RSS - Click here
    Subscribe via Apple Podcasts - Click here

    Or search for Late and Live on Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Overcast or your favourite podcast app.


    Friday 21st May - Rock Mix

    The sound of Friday night is getting turned up to 11 as we rock out to the best SEGA rock anthems!

    Friday 28th May - Listener Mix

    It's our regular final Friday Listener Mix where I'll be playing nothing but SEGA party tunes picked by you!

    Season 4 Episode 14 - Late and Live Mix (14th May 2021)

    It's the middle of May and it's time for our monthly hodge podge of the best SEGA party tunes in May's Late and Live Mix featuring music from Jet Set Radio, the Sonic OVA, SEGASONIC COSMOFIGHTER and more, plus arrangements from GENATAR-I, PrototypeRaptor, Iceferno and much more too!

    - Jet Set Radio - Recipe For The Perfect Afro
    - Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie - Look-a-like (requested by INeedFruit)
    - GENATAR-I - Feel the Beat (Stage 1) [GΞNΛTΛR​-​I Arrange] (requested by Virtua)
    - Iceferno - Phoenix Rage (Stage 6 Boss) (requested by Jamie)
    - Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade Future Tone - Systematic Love
    - PrototypeRaptor - Skies of Arcadia "Black Moon" OC ReMix
    - MegaDriver - The Arena (Golden Axe 2)
    - Dengeki Bunko FIGHTING CLIMAX - Fighting Blossom
    - Iceferno - Onslaught III (Stage 1-01, 6-01 & Bosses) (requested by Jamie)
    - Sakura Taisen GB: Geki Hanagumi Nyuutai! - Absolute Destiny Tango (Sumire)
    - Teddy Boy Blues (Arcade version) - Title ~ Main Theme (requested by steve_c)
    - Telan Devik - Exercise Mode (requested by Virtua)

    Download/stream this show:
    In RadioSEGA-enhanced AAC format (compatible with all devices that support AAC files and with chapter support on compatible players and devices such as Apple Podcasts/iTunes, VLC for Windows & macOS, Pocket Casts & Overcast for iOS/iPadOS and Podcast Addict for Android)

    Download from RadioSEGA Media
    - Download

    Or search for "Late and Live" on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Pocket Casts or your podcasting service of choice.
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