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    Late and Live
    Episode 40 - Ladies Night Mix
    (9th November 2012)

    The ladies are in charge of Late and Live tonight as we celebrate everything female in the world of SEGA in our Ladies Night Mix! All the requests are from our female fans, plus we're featuring original SEGA tracks and remixes from Fumie Kumatani, Aki Hata, Mariko Nanba, ladyWildfire, DragonAvenger & LulzA - notice not a man amongst them!

    Rexy - Labyrinth of the Mind (Podcast only)
    Mr Stream - Wordy Rapping Plant
    DragonAvenger & ambient - Elevation (Groovepump Mix)
    Sonic Adventure 2 - I'm A Spy (requested by chickaroo1)
    Dynamite Headdy - Terminate-Her Too!
    ladyWildfire - zoned
    AkumajoBelmont - I'll Fly You (nel cielo notturno) (requested by CapnCloudchaser)
    LulzA - Shiny New Ferrari (requested by Rexy)
    Sonic Adventure - My Sweet Passion (requested by RosieSonic)
    Sonic Adventure 2 - Fly in the Freedom (requested by RosieSonic)
    Sonic X - Mysterious and Sexy Thief Rouge (requested by chickaroo1)
    Sonic Rush Adventure - Coral Cave Act 1
    Sonic Riders - Theme of Babylon Garden
    Kevin Moore & Steve Tushar - My Sweet Passion (requested by CapnCloudchaser)
    ladyWildfire - A Chaotic Mess (requested by Rexy)

    Download/stream this show:
    In RadioSEGA-enhanced AAC format (compatible with all devices that support AAC files and with chapter support on compatible players and devices such as Apple Podcasts/iTunes, VLC for Windows & Mac, Pocket Casts for iOS/iPadOS and Podcast Addict for Android)

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