Late and Live
Season 4 Episode 7 - Late and Live Mix (19th March 2021)

After the pendulum swang between two very different themed mixes over the last fortnight, it's the perfect time for a Late and Live Mix featuring music from the Initial D series, maimai MURASAKI, 18 Wheeler: Pro Trucker and more, plus arrangements from AshZone, GlacialSpoon, Rexy and more too!

- L.A. Machineguns: Rage of the Machines - Water Raid (Alcatraz Stage BGM) (requested by electricboogaloo)
- Telan Devik - Slammin' Sea (requested by Virtua)
- Space Harrier (SEGA AGES 2500 version) - Main Theme (requested by Iceferno)
- Moomoo - Persona 5 Last Surprise (Future Funk Remix)
- Initial D Arcade Stage 6 AA - Set Me Free (requested by Jamie)
- maimai MURASAKi - Living Ghost is Alive
- AshZone - Sonic Adventure 2 - Battle - Meteor Herd (AshZone Remix)
- GlacialSpoon - Sonic & Knuckles "Egg Death Machine"
- Initial D Arcade Stage 5 - Chemical Love (requested by Jamie)
- Dj Mokram - Green Dust Highway (Sega Rally Championship) (requested by Frost)
- Yakuza 4 - Butterfly City (Dexpistols Remix) (requested by TCB)
- Oskill8 - Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Chemical Plant Zone (Oskill8 Game Boy Remake) (requested by Virtua)
- 18 Wheeler: Pro Trucker - Parking 56 (requested by electricboogaloo)
- Rexy - Sonic the Hedgehog "Tactile Snowfall"

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