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    Late and Live
    Season 3 Episode 24 - Late and Live Mix (11th September 2020)

    September's Late and Live Mix is one of our most topical episodes ever featuring music from mods showcased at SAGE 2020 (happening now!), the latest Dwelling of Duels winner, music from Streets of Rage 4 (as physical copies have started to arrive), a Sonic OCRemix classic which is a callback to a recent Twitch stream hosted by INeedFruit and a batch of Eurobeat tunes because... well the listeners seemed to be into that this week.

    Giga-P feat. Reol - Hibikaze (requested by GreenViper8)
    Sonic Mania: The Misfits Pack (SAGE 2020 version) - Wacky Workbench Zone Act 1
    Yumi Traxx - Shining Force II/2 "Shrine" | Trap Remix (requested by Virtua)
    Dominic Ninmark - Streets of Rage 2 - Under Logic (Eurobeat Remix)
    Initial D Arcade Stage - Limousine (requested by Jamie64326)
    Adam Sierra - Livin In The City - Eurobeat Remix (requested by Frost)
    AkumaYin - Quartz Quarant Zone - Good Future (Studium SAGE 2020 version)
    Outrunners (Arcade version) - Splash Wave (1993) (requested by Jamie64326)
    Outrun Europa (Amiga version) - Channel (requested by Nicolaas Hamman)
    RushJet1 - Home Bay (Ecco Tides of Time, Genesis) (requested by Virtua)
    Streets of Rage 4 - Double Divas
    Prince uf Darkness & norg - Casiopolis (requested by Rexy)
    Daniel Baranowsky - Knuckleduster
    Amazing Island - Battle Royale

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