Late and Live
Season 4 Episode 26 - Late and Live Mix (13th August 2021)

August's Late and Live Mix brings the usual random mix of new music, playlist additions and the best SEGA party tunes to your RadioSEGA LiVE Friday including tracks from Guilty Gear -STRIVE-, Great Soccer, ONGEKI R.E.D., wipEout and more, plus new music from Iceferno's Streets of Wrath 4 album, community arrangements from John Tay, MsDaBoss7 and Krystal, plus music from the Baywatch and X-Files Sega Pinball tables - yes really!

- Guilty Gear -STRIVE- - Find Your One Way [EXPLICIT]
- John Tay - The Hybrid Front - Stardust Speedway Fight BGM 1 (requested by Frost)
- Great Soccer - Main Game
- Baywatch (Sega Pinball) - Main Theme
- Iceferno - Streets of Wrath 4 - Onslaught IV (Extended Mix) (requested by Jamie)
- ONGEKI R.E.D. - Last Kingdom [EXPLICIT]
- maimai MiLK PLUS - POP TEAM EPIC (requested by TCB)
- MsDaBoss7 - Everlasting Red Puyo - Puyo Puyo Tetris 2/Touhou 17 Mix (requested by Sci-Fi Wasabi)
- wipEout - Doh-T
- Streets of Kamurocho - Yokohama
- Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game - Beach Volleyball Interval
- Sonic Adventure - General Offensive (requested by Frost)
- krystl - Sonic Advance - Egg Rocket Zone (krystl remix) (requested by Sci-Fi Wasabi)
- Iceferno - Streets of Wrath 4 - Braving the Skies (requested by Jamie)
- Puyo Puyo Sun - BOTSU (requested by Iceferno)
- The X Files (Sega Pinball) - Smoking Man
- Crush 40 Live at Sonic Boom 2013 - I Am... All of Me

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