I do apologise that this month's Game of the Month article is going up as late as it is, but it really did take me a while to pick a title which I felt deserved some recognition, and I've decided to settle on this delightful little FPS game from the Arcade & Dreamcast days.

You see, back in those days SEGA didn't really dabble in the FPS genre, not including rail shooters of course, but back in 1999 (2001 for the Dreamcast release), SEGA-AM2 released this beauty. OK, it wasn't exactly a FPS as it also offered a third person perspective, but even so, it was a rarity for SEGA.

Outtrigger put you in the shoes of one of four members of the counter terrorist organisation called Interforce, which was set up to combat acts of terrorism on milarity facilities. This was done in a variety of manners, including straight up Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch game modes, as well as a few other FPS staples of the time. It also featured 6 player online play in the DC release, and was one of the few games that supported the broadband adapter.

Wait, hang on? 6 players...with 4 characters? Well, you could create your own character, mixing and matching the best bits of the four already available, and the single player mode did also have some unlockables for you to play as. Some of these were pretty mediocre (a couple of security soldiers and other faceless models), but one was pretty awesome: Shinobi. Unfortunately, he didn't have a weapon loadout consisting of swords and shurikens, so he looked a little strange running around with a sniper rifle. It was still a nice little nod to include him, however.

This game won't ever be noted for being long. The single player, whilst challenging in places, only consists of three Mission Modes of varying difficulties, and past that there is only the Multiplayer mode, which you can populate with bots if you're on your lonesome. The weaponry is also somewhat uninspired, consisting of laser guns, grenades, machine guns and one of the most overpowered rocket launchers I can recall. If you had hold of one, you'd pretty much won.

Still, when it came to the limited options the Dreamcast had when it came to FPS games, Outtrigger is up there with Quake III Arena as one of the best. But then, when your other alternatives are shoddy ports of Rainbow Six & Soldier of Fortune, that really isn't saying a lot...