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    Default RadioSEGA Enhanced Podcasts

    One of the greatest features about the podcasts we provide on RadioSEGA is that they have chapter support on supported applications and devices. What does this mean? Well you can quickly jump between tracks so you can either hear your favourite tracks again, or skip past those you don't like so much.

    The problem is that chapter support is not available on all players and devices. However, while in the past chapter support has been exclusively available to Apple fans, it's now available in more places than ever. Keep reading to find out more!

    What shows are available in 'enhanced' format with chapter support?
    The following shows are available in RadioSEGA enhanced format:
    - Foreversonic's Random Hour
    - Sword of SEGA
    - The SEGA Jukebox
    - Late and Live
    - Saturday Night SEGA
    - FastFeet's FoneMix
    - SEGA Mixer Drive
    - The Cyber Razor Cut
    - RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown
    - The SEGA Lounge

    What applications and devices can I play enhanced podcasts on?
    Our enhanced podcasts are available on a number of players and devices. They are as follows:

    Desktop players
    - Apple iTunes (Windows/Mac - www.apple.com/itunes)
    - Apple Quicktime (Windows/Mac - www.apple.com/quicktime)
    - VLC (Windows/Mac/Linux - www.videolan.org/vlc)

    Mobile players
    - Music.app (built in to iOS on iPhone, iPod touch & iPad)*
    - Podcasts (iOS 5.1+ - App Store link)
    - Akimbo Audiobook Player (Android 2.1+ - Google Play Store link)**

    This list is complete at the time of writing. If there are any players we've missed, please let us know!

    Finally a thank you!
    Our enhanced podcasts would not be possible without our 'attractive' podcast team (as CapnCloudchaser calls them!) - namely Foreversonic, KC and Retrix. A big thanks to them for their hard work! Also, I do the chaptered podcast for Late and Live, but unfortunately aren't attractive enough to be considered a part of the podcast team.... (sobs)

    * Chapter support via Music.app is present on all supported iPhone (3GS/4/4S) and iPod touch (3rd/4th gen) devices running iOS 3.0 and above. However, chapter titles are not available on devices running iOS 5.1. Chapter support via Music.app for iPad is only fully functional on devices running iOS 4.3 and below. Chapter support was removed in iOS 5.0 and only limited support is available iOS 5.1. For the best chaptered podcasting support on iOS, we recommend you use Apple's new Podcasts app, available from the App Store.
    ** The Akimbo Audiobook Player is available as a free trial app. However, playback will be paused every 5 minutes and cannot be resumed for 15 seconds. The full version is available to buy from the Google Play Store for US$2.49 (~£1.58)
    Last edited by KC; 29-09-2014 at 01:15.

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    SEGA Phantasy Zone does not have chapter support because it does not feature music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Retrix View Post
    SEGA Phantasy Zone does not have chapter support because it does not feature music.
    I've updated my post - thanks for the info!

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    First post was updated to include the most recent shows available.

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