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    Haha. Twinny's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    Default SSF1991's Sonic Paradox E3 2012 Coverage

    Hey guys and gals, I wanted to make this thread because a known member of the Sonic/SEGA community SSF1991 (of Sonic Paradox fame and its Sonic News Show host) will be doing special broadcasts of covering the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo on its Livestream. He will be providing about 75 hours of main coverage starting from June 1st (9AM ET- 8PM ET) until June 8th (9AM ET-8PM ET) he will be streaming nonstop everyday between these dates starting at 9AM ET with previews, sneak peeks and more from all know corners of the internet covering the event.

    You can find ALL the times and dates for his coverage at this link. (also includes times for the press conferences)

    So yea.....this is a great thing to spread the word around, don't cha think? Please try and get this spread around the best you can! :D FOR GREAT JUSTICE!
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    Also, if you want to see coverage of Konami's conferece, tune in tomorrow at 6pm Eastern/11pm UK for the start of the stream! =)

    For the people here at RadioSEGA, In the next post I'll put up the UK times (just add 5 hours to the Eastern times already given) for you all. =)

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    YEAOH. TCB's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    New York City, NY


    This is your physical livelihood on the line here

    And not to mention that Sonic Paradox will be the only major Sonic/SEGA fan site to be covering it around the clock.

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