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    Living in /dev/ttyS0 Whooa21's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2011
    Hydrocity Zone Act2

    Question How did you meet Sonic?

    Just like the title says:
    How and when did you first meet Sonic, at what age (if you remember) etc...
    Here I go

    I first saw him when I was 4 years old on a tv showing Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (translated into greek)
    It was shown late (about midnight) and I saw it because I was sick and I wasn't going to school the next day.
    Man, how I loved that show! I even captured the episodes in greek and still have them on my pc

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    HAIL TO THE KING, BABY xboy_in_da_house's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jan 2007
    Laredo, Texas


    Well I played Sonic The Hedgehog for the Genesis back in the summer of 1991 and since then I've been a fan since.

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    Join Date
    Jul 2010
    Downpatrick, Northern Ireland


    1995 Sonic 2 in my (then) friends house, proceeded to get my own megadrive that christmas and never looked back since

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    Youtuberzzzz Johnny Vicious's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2012
    United Kingdom


    in 1992 when sonic 2 just came out i picked up the megadrive controller and never put it down

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    Sonic ***** Team ****** Quills on Wheels's Avatar
    Join Date
    Aug 2010
    Land of Down Under


    I don't exactly remember when I first met sonic.

    One memory I have of when I probably first met sonic was when I went to someone's house and instead of playing with the little kids(since I was a little kid back than too), I went and played with the Big boys and they were playing on their SEGA genesis. I fell in love with Videogames instantly. I know I played a lot of games at their house but I can only remember two of the games which were Tailspin... and Sonic 2. God I loved it to bits.

    I also remember my Uncles and Cousin having a Genesis so I might have seen them play Sonic and Streets of Rage as well.

    EDIT: OH oh oooh... I also remember when I was a very little kid... and I used to go to this person's house... I think it might have been mum's cousin... but I used to go to their house and play Sonic 3... Heh... I always used to call the person to help me cause I didn't even know how to choose tails and I always made them do the special stages for me...

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    Member mazonemayu's Avatar
    Join Date
    Mar 2009


    back in '91 or so when I was 17, a guy I knew who worked in a computer shop & who went on summer vacation to the USA in july, brought 5 or 6 copies of Sonic the hedgehog for the genesis back. I was lucky be in the shop (I always went there to play games with my buddy) at the shop the moment he arrived too, he came straight from the airport with his luggage to show off the new game he brought & let me play it, so chances are that I was the first one in Belgium to play that first Sonic game. Needless to say I was blown away at the time: the colours, the speed...

    true story

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    My first experience was a little different to other peoples. My first was actually getting a megadrive when I was around 5 and I liked at first, but it was too hard for me and I just getting annoyed by act 3 of green hill zone that I just quit. I didn't play another Sonic game that I remember until Shadow the Hedgehog and I loved that game, that was when I was about 10 I think. I think I got this before Heroes, but I'm not 100% certain.

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    I'M A THROWING MY SPEAR! DigiDragoon's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2012
    Sanctuary Falls


    I played Sonic when I was 3, cause it was my first ever game as well cause I only saw that one on the side of I put it in and my dad helpped me play it. The game itself also gave me the fear of water till I was about 9 D: stupid Labyrinth zone lol, but ever since I've been playing Sonic and I think I have played them all to date, not sure but still :D awesome character.

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    I played sonic 2 when I was 4 and I LOVED it!!!! The gameplay and music where so amazing to me! (Still is today!) I even stop playing Super Mario Bros.
    "Too fast for the naked eye"

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    Ace Detective Kaito-kun's Avatar
    Join Date
    May 2008
    Just off the A74(M)


    1995, Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System version). It was also the first game I ever completed.

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