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    Dec 2007
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    Default Missing Game Music

    Iíve been listening to Radio Sega almost from the start. I started listening to the station while I was at work and would then rush home and play Phantasy Star Universe Online - that should date myself if nothing else.

    Iíve noticed in the past year or so the station has less and less game music unless it is being requested by someone. Iím not against remixes and original tunes, but I feel that is almost all that comes up on the radio shuffle now. Maybe Iím wrong.

    I understand there is a lot of traffic driven by the new model, but I just hope that the classic soundtracks are not forgotten. It is what has made this station a favorite for over a decade.

    - a passionate plea from old-time listener

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    Quite interesting.
    The real true fans. Right?
    But challenges will always be around us, we only have to know how to walk over them.

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