Update 11/22/2021 Disney Apology
Donald in Maui Mallard - Contains 13 tracks
Pinocchio - Contains 10 tracks
Putt & Putter (Minigolf) [Game Gear] - Contains 4 tracks
Sonic Racing - Contains 2 tracks. Acquired by GreenViper8
Super Monkey Ball - Renamed 10 tracks
Super Monkey Ball 2 - Renamed 40 tracks
TALESPIN [Game Gear] - Contains 9 tracks
TALESPIN [Mega Drive] - Replaced all tracks

Third Party Music:
Red Zone - Contains tracks. Probably requested by Jamie
The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie (Mickey to Minnie Magical Adventure 2) - Contains 18 tracks
The Jungle Book [8-bit] - Contains 7 tracks
The Jungle Book [Mega Drive] - Contains 14 tracks
The Lion King [Mega Drive] - Contains 15 tracks

Lots of Disney games music here. Also a golf game I had but missed, and some modern works Viper helped out with. This kinda includes the Super Monkey Ball 1&2 updates, since the recent album releases for Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania confirmed a load of song titles for these games. You can thank him for the idea of marking the stage names along with the song names.