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    Rogue Mercenary Knight Ein Eagle Vanato's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2012
    Deep within the Clockworks

    Post RadioSEGA Spiral Knights Guild

    Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever timezone your currently in at the moment. This is Ein Eagle Vanato, Officer of the Radiosega guild in Spiral Knights.

    Are you an avid spiral knights player, or someone starting out? In either case, as a member of the RadioSEGA forums, you are welcome to join the Spiral Knights Guild "Radiosega". Or perhaps your not a member of this forum yet?

    If your not then do please, join this forum so you are able to be welcomed into our ranks. We've players of all skill levels, from casual players all the way to those harden veterans that have delved into the Shadow Lairs themselves.

    If you've noticed with other guilds in the game, they usually rank their members between a few methods: The progression they've made in the game, the skill the player has, or the trust between the guild members to rely on one another. With our guild, all non-officer/guild-master are ranked based on their own progression into the game via any of a given method, like the arcade elevators or the rank missions that many of you are most likely familiar with.

    When you join the guild you will be given the rank "recruit", until you have met the requirements for the rank "member". For a Recruit to be promoted to "member", they need to have met two of the following requirements:

    • Reached "Knight Elite" on the rank missions

    • Posses a weapon/helmet/shield/armor/trinket/material that can only be gained from trading tokens obtained from the tier 1 boss "Snarbolax" and one of the tier 2 bosses [Roarmulus Twins, Jelly King] (E.g. Snarl Barb from Tier 1 and Rock Salt from Tier 2)

    NOTE: If you have several items that can only be obtained from trading the tokens, such as both the Quicksilver Mail and Quicksilver Helm, you do not need to meet any of the other requirements to obtain the "Member" Rank in the guild.

    [DLC ONLY]
    • Have completed the Tier 2 variation of "Operation: Crimson Hammer", you need only show a Officer or Guild-Master your "Stable Rocket Hammer" or "Dark Reprisal Mk II" by equipping said weapon and letting them inspect your gear.

    NOTE: If you have a "Flawed Mask of Seerus", wear it and present yourself to a officer or Guild-Master and they will instantly give you the "Member" Rank without you needing to complete any of the non-"Operation: Crimson Hammer" tasks.

    For example, if you have the rank "Elite Knight" and have defeated the Tier 2 variation of "Operation: Crimson Hammer", you will be given the rank "member" within the guild.

    For a Member to reach the rank "veteran", the highest rank for players without a official responsibility to maintain order within the guild, you must first have the two non-DLC requirements for the "member" rank as well as completed one of these three requirements:

    • Defeat all tier 1 and 2 bosses via the main elevators/arcade located in the northern section of Haven (have a veteran, officer or guild-master be online to confirm that you've done this). And have reached the Champion Rank in the rank missions


    • Have proof that you've defeated Vanaduke (either an item that can only be obtained trading Almirian Seal tokens, or have a higher ranked member than you be there when you defeat Vanaduke)


    • Show a officer/guild master that you have "Warmaster Rocket Hammer", "Dark Retribution" or "Perfect Mask of Seerus" by letting them inspect your gear.

    To obtain the "Officer" Rank, you need to of completed ALL the requirements (except the "Crimson Hammer" requirements) for Member and Veteran ranks to be at least viable for the position (some exceptions will be made for members that have proven themselves capable otherwise). You need also to show that you are capable of looking out for your fellow guild mates.

    The Rank Guild-Master is invitation only. A majority vote between current Guild-masters will be the only way for you to be accepted as a fellow Guild-master. Guild-members who ask to become a guild-master will be denied and not be considered, period.

    These are the rules regarding your ranking system. However, for those that have joined the guild before the time this was posted, your ranks will be "member" effective immediately. Some of you are however of a higher degree and are capable of being given the rank "veteran", for those current members (at the time posting this) if you have proof that you've done one of the three requirements listed for veteran, present it to me before the end of the month.

    Failure to do so and you'll also have to make sure you have met the two non-DLC requirements that were needed for the "member" rank like everyone else.

    After this grace period for the assigning of current members (at the time this is posted), I shall (with the assistance of KC should he be able to) decide on the first few officers to help moderate the guild and make sure it doesn't fall apart like a jenga tower

    From Monday 1st October to Sunday 7th October, i will open up the floor to you for suggestions on what the guild can do together (boss runs, assisting the lower members, you get the idea). For as you don't forget, we are all apart of this guild to help one another and have fun at the end of the day.

    Oh. And to kick Vanaduke in the face and steal his tokens

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    Prof. KC KC's Avatar
    Join Date
    Feb 2007
    Ericeira, Portugal


    Hello there, fellow RadioSEGA Guild members! KC here, your friendly neighbourhood Guild Master!
    As Ein Eagle Vanato posted above, these are the rules for our own Spiral Knights guild. These thread will be updated every time there's the need to change rules, or if you have new activities to promote within the guild.

    We'll also post the list of members (with their respective ranks) and update it as we go along. The list will show forum name and Spiral Knights name.

    KC - MrKC

    Ein Eagle Vanato - Ein-Eagle-Vanato


    DRscottnik - Drscottnik
    Erridunno - Erridunno
    ... - Feminism
    ... - Guns-Dude
    ... - Ironoid
    ... - Mechol
    ... - Mhmeister
    ... - Private-Shehroz
    ... - Reshiramlvx
    ... - Sega-Media
    ... - Sunblaster
    ... - The-Mr-Hacker
    ... - Zombies-Are-Us


    Apart from this, have fun!
    Last edited by KC; 15-09-2012 at 20:27.

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    Rogue Mercenary Knight Ein Eagle Vanato's Avatar
    Join Date
    Apr 2012
    Deep within the Clockworks


    Members who need to contact officers or Guild Masters, please refer to this list of contacts (twitter, steam, ect.) if you are unable to get ahold of one on the fourms. This list will be updated accordingly. Do consider contacting officers first to see if they can be of assistance.

    During the Friday-Sunday period, check in the RadioSEGA IRC first when one of the shows are on air, we're usually tuned in listening to the shows. Refer to the Schedule of Shows located here for the times that shows are usually on.

    KC - KC (Steam), @DJLuis_KC (twitter)

    Ein Eagle Vanato - Einny Colt (steam), @EinnyColtVanato (twitter), ein_eagle_vanato (skype)

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    Join Date
    Dec 2012


    Both via the Arcade or the Prestige Mission, Tier 1 awards the fewest candy tokens while Tier 3 the most candy tokens.

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    I'M A THROWING MY SPEAR! DigiDragoon's Avatar
    Join Date
    Jul 2012
    Sanctuary Falls


    Hang on a min! I'm not on the list D: Who didn't invite me when I said I wanted to join? ;~; SO MANY TEARS!
    <img" target="_blank"></img">

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    can i join
    Gotta Juice!

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