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    Sep 2012
    London, UK


    Hi again fellow Sega fans,

    So I recently started this thing I call 'Fan Art Friday', where I livestream & draw a random (mostly video game) character within an hour. It's just for fun, and was something born out of lockdown back in June.

    I also recently did a version where I taught friends how to draw Sonic, Tails & Knuckles. You can view it here: https://youtu.be/rb87AUNgEUE

    Hope you find it entertaining more than anything! I'm new to streaming, so any feedback welcome

    @voxie on Twitter & FB
    @voxiegram on Instagram
    personal website: voxie.co.uk

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    Feb 2015


    I thought I'd share this drawing I made for SEGA's 60th anniversary since I haven't shown any of my drawings in 3 years. (I had to make it super small since the forum wouldn't let me post it in full size. )

    Here's a link to it on Twitter if you'd like to see it bigger and with better quality: https://twitter.com/Bubblepopspit/st...53587932000256
    sega 60th.JPG
    Check out my Twitter @Bubblepopspit for lots of video game fan art!

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