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    Lights Camera Action! Ace_Croft's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
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    Default SEGA Australia pitches "SEGA REBORN" to SEGA.

    Well we know that SEGA Aussie is shutting down and their last game will be coming out next month with Castle of Illusion but SEGA Aussie also pitched some games to SEGA to recreate old classics (As mentioned in my Interview, I would love to see a new Golden Axe and more of a focus on older SEGA IP's) and that pitch included a Prototype Pre Alpha Golden Axe.

    SEGA Reborn would've done a Marvel and made all games connected like Golden Axe to Outrun (Sonic to Shinobi ? Sonic in Shinboi World DO IT SEGA! xD)

    I'm all for this for sure seeing I would love to see new games of older SEGA IP's like Golden Axe or Space Harrier, so I would definitely buy these if there any good and fun and if they was a modern day SEGA AGES/Sega Classic Collection retail release or digital downloads.

    Come on SEGA, take this talent under a new studio and pump out these games under this brand once SEGA Australia goes (down)under! They could seriously make some money with digital downloads and release a retail collection down the line once they make the game more polished.
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    ぴ~ちぴちよ! BluePuyo's Avatar
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    Feb 2008
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    Although not that impressed by the prototype, the idea to link different universes in the games sounded nice.

    Castle of Illusion is shaping up pretty nicely. It shows they put their best effort and dedication when remaking this game. Too bad the studio is closing just when this game is happening. A remake of any of the Super Shinobi games would've been cool.

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    Member SonicFan's Avatar
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    Aug 2012
    Lake Mary, Florida


    There was an Sega Australia? I know there was Segaworld Australia, but not this.

    To be this good takes AGES, to be this good takes SEGA!

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