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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault (PS3)

    The classic PlayStation duo celebrates their 10th anniversary with a...tower defense game. Is this the Ratchet & Clank game that will be talked about for years to come? Let's dive right in!

    Game: Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.

    System(s): PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita

    Price: $20

    The Q-Force, TROLOLOLOL and Richard Horvitz oh my!
    Story: The story starts of with Captain Qwark complaining about how the galaxy is so...boring! He then gets interrupted by a hologram of a mysterious new villain, who later reveals himself as Stuart Zurgo. (Who is voiced by Richard Horvitz, voice of Zim from Invader ZiM and Billy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.)
    Stuart is your typical nerdy fanboy of Qwark, and wants to get revenge on him. He tells our heroes (Ratchet, Clank and Qwark) that he has shut down some planetary defense centers (A system on each planet that runs it.) And it’s up to you to stop him.
    Simple storyplot right? Yeah well, I’ll tell you my opinion on it in a bit. Let’s get to the gameplay!

    Let’s Play Tower Defense!
    Gameplay: The game is played out in a tower defense system...kind of. First off, you have to restore the planetary defense centers while keeping your base safe. Your base is ran by six generators, which you must protect. You can buy turrets and mines that center the generators to *somewhat* protect them. BUT, here’s the thing: those turrets and mines only offer a little help, you have to be at your base right when there is a wave of enemies nearby or else they will destroy your generators. So basically, most of the time, you’re gonna have to babysit your base.
    Now you may ask “Well Chickaroo, how will I know when my base is under attack?” There is an announcer there to tell you/ warn you about things. She’ll tell you “Enemies reported west/east of your base.” (AKA “Haul ass back to the base!!”)
    So for all the levels, it’s the same things: restore the planetary defense centers and protect your Q-Force base.

    Single Player Mode
    : If it’s possible, please avoid this mode! You have no computer player here to help you defend the base, it’s all you. No help, just you. You have to restore the planetary defense centers and protect your base, all on your own. And that, is one hell of a challenge! This mode can get frustrating and can make you almost regret buying the game. But no worries!! There is a mode that will save you...

    Multiplayer Mode
    : This is almost the true mode of the game. It’s a lot easier to have a friend help you defend the base. This is where the game really shines. You better have a friend over to play co-op with you OR have a friend who owns the game and they can play with you online. And this brings me to the last mode on here.

    Online / Competitive Mode
    : Not only can you have a friend help you with the story mode, you can also team up with them or against them and destroy their base! You can also have random matches so you can play with players around the world too. There are three parts to competitive mode:
    1. Recon: This is where you run around and collect as many weapons as you can before time runs out.
    2. Squad: Here with the bolts you have collected, you can buy your minions/teammates that will invade your enemy's base.
    3. Assault!: Now it’s time to attack!! You can either run and assault your enemy’s base or stay behind and protect your own. The first team to knock out all generators wins!

    The Clearness...So Shiny
    Graphics: The graphics here and the models of the characters are pulled from All 4 One, but they do look good! It’s a PS3 game after all, the graphics are colorful, bright and cartoony.

    Listen to the Soundtrack - Like a Boss!
    Music: There really isn’t much to say here about the music. It’s very orchestra-heavy and very movie-ish. The opening theme is pretty good and epic, but that’s all there is to it.

    Fangirl / Picky Girl Powers, Activate!!
    Overall / Opinion: This game, is WAY TOO SHORT. Only five levels and an easy boss. That’s it. There could’ve been so much more into the story and Zurgo’s meme humor but sadly, there isn’t. I wish the story was longer so we could see more of what Zurgo had in store for our heroes.
    The gameplay is okay. I’ve never really played a tower defense game before so this was new to me. Single player mode is frustrating and multiplayer is the best part of the game. And with a tower defense game, it’s MANDATORY to play multiplayer. Online mode can be fun too. There’s nothing like blowing up your friend’s base.
    Pros: *Multiplayer is the best mode for the game.
    *Humor is funny (Zurgo has some meme references so be ready to point them out)
    *Graphics are nice and colorful
    *Online mode is pretty fun
    *High replay value
    Cons: *Story mode is WAY TOO SHORT!!
    *Single player mode is a challenge.

    Overall Score: 3 / 5
    (Note: Now the game is not bad. It’s just a little bit of a disappointment, and there’s so much more that could’ve been done to it. There’s high replay value n stuff, but yeah.)
    Last edited by chickaroo1; 02-02-2013 at 14:57.

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