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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 (PS3)

    Welcome to a new generation of cute anime girl heroes - the CPU Canidates of Gameindustri here to save the world in a much better game / sequal!

    Game: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 / Choujigen Game Neptune mk2
    Platform: PlayStation 3
    Release Dates: 8/18/11 (JP), 2/28/12 (NA)
    Developer: Idea Factory and Compile Heart

    Welcome to The Next Hyperdimension!
    Story: It's been 3 years since the events of Hyperdimension Neptunia. The CPU's have been kidnapped by a new force known as ASIC. The only CPU that escaped was Nepgear, Neptune / Purple Heart's little sister. She gets rescued by IF and Compa, old friends of Neptune.
    Nepgear decides to try and recruit the other CPU's sisters to save their older sisters. These girls are Uni, younger sister of Noire, Ram and Rom, younger twins of Blanc. Together, these girls will have to get along and stop ASIC and gte their sisters back!

    That's Much Better.
    Gameplay: The gameplay this time around is much different. And it's a nice inprovment.
    This time, instead of traveling to the different landmasses, everything is on one big map. And all you have to do is move the Nepgear cursor to where you want to go. Dungeons are seperate from the lands so getting there is much simplier.
    When in a landmass, you are presented with Chirper (parody of Twitter.) Here you can see the "chirps" of the local residents or the main characters (depends on where they came from.) Here you can also accept quests and shop for weapons and gear.
    When running around dungeons, you won't be interrupted by a random battle. This time, you can run past the enemies or they can run to you if you're near them. So now it's easier to get treasure and get to an event. Walking around is a lot faster too.
    Now for the battle system. This time around, you can move around the battlefield. Characters have AP ( action points) for each turn. Normal attacks use these points and when each character uses their points, their turn will end and move on to the next character. There are also skill points during battle. These skill points happen when a character gets hit and attacks. Once it gets over 100, Nepgear and other CPU's can transform to their goddess form. But once the SP gets too low, they will go back to their regular form.

    Much Better Too!
    Music: The music here is much better too. From the landmass themes, to the dungeon themes. They're much peppier and better sounding than the last game. The opening "Kirihake Grace Star!" is upbeat and a cute song. As well as the ending theme "Go! Love & Peace" is a really sweet song about just being happy.
    A nice inprovement.

    Going For A 3D Look.
    Graphics: The graphics here are a lot better too. Instead of 2D styled cutscenes, all the models are in 3D. And they're fast and beautiful during battle. Especially when using special attacks and transforming. The colors are brighter too.

    Thanks for Coming! Hope To See You Again!
    Overall: Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 is a much better game than the first Neptunia. It's still not the best JRPG out there. And certainly not for everyone. The game has an M rating here in the States. There's not much sensative content but there's some. So be warned, youngins!

    Score: 4/5
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    I read about this neat sequel from ANN, kinda surprised me with the concept design. Its rare that this dev team makes sequels.
    Nice review!

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