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    Default Chickaroo Reviews: Crash Team Racing (PS1)

    It may be a Mario Kart clone in some peopleís eyes, but to others, itís one of the best kart racing games on the PlayStation 1. This is Crash Team Racing, Naughty Dogís last Crash Bandicoot game.

    Game: Crash Team Racing
    Systems: PlayStation 1, PlayStation Network
    Release Date(s): 9/30/99 (NA), 10/20/99 (EU), 12/16/99 (JP)
    Developers: Naughty Dog

    How Do You Beat a Villain? By Kart Racing of Course!
    Story: Crashís world is being invaded by an alien named Nitros Oxide who wants to turn Earth into a parking lot. And the only way to stop him is to defeat is by defeating all the bosses in the 4 hub worlds and race, race race your way to the finish line in first place.

    Kinda Like Mario Kart, But a Lot Cooler
    Gameplay: The game is a kart racer (well duh.) The X button is the gas that makes the kart go. Using either the D-pad or the analog stick is used to steer the kart. O is used to fire weapons you can use by driving into crates on the track. R1 is used to help drift. Hold R1 while steering and once the smoke from your kart turns black, hit L1 and you'll boost. You can co this 3 times in a row.
    There are a total of 5 modes (Adventure, Time Trial, Arcade, VS., and Battle) and a total of 15 characters but you will start out with 8 at the beginning.
    In Adventure mode, you can drive around big hub worlds and race 4 tracks in each hub and then race the boss. Once you beat the boss, you will be rewarded with a key to the next hub. After defeating the boss, the tracks will open back up and you can either do CTR Challenge or Relic Race. CTR Challenge is where you have to collect the letters C, T and R scattered on the track and get in first place and you get a CTR token. Collect 4 in each color and you'll be able to race in a cup to win a gem. Relic Race is kind of like time trials but with a twist. There are crates on the track with 1, 2 or 3 written on them. Break those and they will stop the clock for that amount of seconds. Be the fastest and earn a relic.

    Catchy and Perfect
    Music: The music here is really nice. It's perfect for the environments. It's nice and catchy and probably one of my favorite soundtracks on the PS1. The music is composed by Mark Mothersbaugh and Josh Mancell.

    Is This The Best Kart Racer Out There?
    Overall: Crash Team Racing is one of my favorite PlayStation 1 games of all time. And one of my favorite kart racing games too since I really didnít get to play Mario Kart until my neighbors moved in and they had Mario Kart 64 and Double Dash. But CTR is pretty amazing. The designs of the tracks, the soundtrack, just everything! There is pretty much not one thing I dislike about this game! Everyone should go play this, itís truly a gem on the PlayStation 1.

    Overall: 5/5

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    Haha. Twinny's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    Sure it's dated but it still feels nice to pick up and play this game a few times. Still hard getting all the CTR Tokens and Relics after all these years. And since I never played Mario Kart 64 apart from very few instances (at a friends house...when I was way older than the time CTR and MK64 came out), this was the kart racer I loved from my childhood.
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    YEAOH. TheChaosBlue's Avatar
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    Under 'Gameplay' you only mentioned the Adventure mode, there's other modes as well.

    My (now) second favorite kart racer after ASRT, it's still a good game in my eyes.

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